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Cutthroat After-Show: Calamari 04:58

Alton reveals the sabotages for mac and cheese, calamari and coffee cake.

From funny food puns to inventive plays on a key ingredient, Cutthroat Kitchen host Alton Brown will stop at nothing when it comes to dishing out appropriately themed sabotages to align with each round's dish. On tonight's all-new episode, he stayed true to his ways by forcing one chef to put a literal spin on coffee cake — something that's traditionally made without coffee — by holding a tray of cups of coffee while cooking in Round 3. "Coffee and oysters will kill me," judge Simon Majumdar said on the After-Show after learning that the drink played a part in the challenge. Sure enough, though, Alton knew this, and he noted that the terms of the sabotage included starting over should the contestant spill coffee into any element of the dish.

While this sabotage may seem daunting, it turns out that the competitor saddled with the test, Chef Alberico, took it in stride and was able to overcome it for ultimate glory. "The fact that he ... was able to create a cake of any sort I think is really remarkable," the judge explained looking back on the contest.

Click the play button on the video above to hear more from Alton and Simon, and see more of the sabotages in action.

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