Restaurant Revisited: An Abundance of Emotions at Abudanza Ristorante

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Robert Irvine on Restaurant: Impossible

Robert Irvine's mission at Abudanza Ristorante in Wilbraham, Mass., moved him as few others have as he learned the story of owners Lou and June's family, including their terminally ill son, LJ. After two days of work to overhaul their business and improve the managerial skills of the staff, Robert and his Restaurant: Impossible crew presented the Maravilha family with a gift of money that would help them avoid foreclosure on their home. Read on below to hear from June and find out how the restaurant and LJ are doing today.

"Lou says business is up about 50 percent," June notes, adding that "everyone loves the decor" and that she's especially fond of the photos on the wall. "LJ loves to see himself up there," she says.

June notes Nick's improved leadership: "As for Nick, he really stepped up by presenting himself better at work, taking charge of the schedule and taking more care to show up on time."

With the help of Robert and the Restaurant: Impossible crew's generous gift, June says, "I was able to order LJ's stair lift now that I know we will not be foreclosed on."

Looking back on the experience, June says, "The best thing Robert left behind was helping to reinforce in me how precious my family is." In terms of LJ's health, she adds, "I believe in my little man to take anything that comes his way."

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