Restaurant Revisited — Paradise: Impossible at Padre Rita Grill

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Photo by: Jon Longstaff

Jon Longstaff

A tiki bar-style restaurant offering live music, Padre Rita Grill in South Padre Island, Texas, is just four years old, but already the owners, husband and wife Micheal and Cathy Laferty, are finding themselves inundated with debt. They looked to Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team not only to transform the interior of their space from island-oriented to next-level nautical, but also to overhaul the menu, adding fresh flavors and coastal influences. Read on below to hear from Micheal and Cathy to find out how Padre Rita Grill is doing a few months after reopening.

Micheal and his employees alike are pleased to be rid of the salad bar that was previously in their restaurant, as Cathy explains: "I believe the staff is very happy about not having the salad bar to deal with. It was a daily issue [in terms of] cleaning and keeping [it] filled, and they each voiced their dislike of the duty."

In terms of the menu at Padre Rita Grill, "we have reincorporated our standards and favorites," says Micheal, adding, "The items are selling well and steadily, but it has taken a considerable amount of finesse and tweaking. Our menu is larger than when Robert left us, but is still a one-page menu that you can read without a magnifying glass."

Per Robert's suggestion, Micheal is now the general manager at Padre Rita Grill, and he notes: "I am fitting in fairly well as the GM, and I think that the staff has accepted [me in] that role pretty well."

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