Three Slices of Pie Aren't Necessarily Better Than One — Dante's Journey on Holiday Baking Championship

Recap what happened on Episode 3 of Holiday Baking Championship and relive Dante's journey on the show in gifs.
Dante presenting his pies

Dante Marasco bringing his final pies for a closer look by Bobby Deen and the judges Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller and Lorraine Pascale during the It’s not the Holidays without Pie! main heat challenge as seen on Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship, Season 1

Photo by: Jessica Brooks ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Jessica Brooks, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Pie was the theme this past Sunday on Holiday Baking Championship. After creatively baking non-pies with ready-to-bake pie crust in their pre-heat challenge, the bakers moved on to the real challenge, making three holiday pies to wow the judges. Unfortunately not everyone's pies came out equally as nice. Luckily Bobby let them get rid of their least successful one, a blessing in disguise for most, but not for Dante, who had to make a choice between two pies that were equally as bad. Ultimately it ended in his elimination from the competition. But this former navy man turned pastry chef has had a memorable time on the show.

Dante ripping present

In the first episode, Dante went at his pre-heat gift with abandon, tearing up layers to find a cookie scoop inside that humongous box.

Dante's cookies are a success

And when it came to trying his cookies, the judges were impressed.

Dante and his mortar and pestle

In Episode 2, the bakers had to use a mortar and pestle to grind the spices for their baked goods. While everyone was complaining about it, Dante, however, had no problem.


In Episode 3, Dante really wanted to show off his heritage, making two Italian pies, a pastia made with baked pasta and a cheese pie.

Dante's lesser of two evils

Dante ended up getting rid of the pastia, the choice, though, was "the lesser of two evils," as he pointed out both were pretty bad: the pastia undercooked and the cheese pie grainy.

Dante worse than he thought

The judges just couldn't get over the texture of the cheese pie, Lorraine likening it to "overcooked scrambled eggs." And in the end, Dante was the third baker to go home.

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