Exclusive: Damaris Phillips Dishes on the New Season of Southern at Heart

In an exclusive interview with FN Dish, Damaris Phillips shares what's ahead on the all-new season of Southern at Heart and reveals the menu at her ultimate Southern feast.
Damaris Phillips

It was barely one year ago that fans welcomed Damaris Phillips — the winner of Food Network Star, Season 9 — into the Food Network family when she premiered her brand-new series, Southern at Heart (airing Sundays at 12|11c). Now this Kentucky-born chef is back with a third helping of her show, and this time it's going to be focused more on what she calls "cooking from the heart." FN Dish recently caught up with Damaris to find out more about the culinary passions she's bringing to Southern at Heart and learn what kinds of recipes she's excited to show off. Read on below for an exclusive interview with Damaris as she talks Season 3 of her series and reveals the must-haves of a classic Southern feast.

Congratulations on a third season! What are you most looking forward to as the episodes roll out?

Damaris Phillips: So this season at the end of all the recipes, where I talk about having a dinner party or I talk about having Christmas with my family, or I talk about going on a date with my gentleman, instead of just talking about those, we’ve invited people to see those at the end of each of the shows. So I’m really excited because every person that I love is on the show. So when I talk about cooking from the heart, these are the people that I cook for, and it is magical to see them on television and see from the outside so you can appreciate those people that you love so much.

In terms of the food that fans can expect to see, what were you hoping to offer this season?

DP: I try to make the food really accessible. You know, I think going into it I was thinking like a chef instead of thinking like somebody who is going to cook on a Wednesday night. So I’ve tried really hard to be cognizant of the food people really have in their pantries. Then also the time constraints you have on a weekday.

Looking back on your first days of filming Season 1, what has this journey been like for you? Are there things you know now that you wish you had known at the beginning?

DP: I wish I knew on Day One that editing makes you look magical. I didn’t understand the whole process, so I felt a lot of pressure to be perfect, and once you realize there is a team of people behind you that are there to support you and help you succeed, all the pressure is gone, and you just get to relax and have fun. So if I would have known that Day One, I would have saved myself a lot of stress.

If someone were to ask you to make them the ultimate Southern feast, what would you have to have on the table?

DP: Biscuits. Some sort of potato. Some sort of greens. More biscuits. Some sort of gravy. I guess there would be a pork product in there somewhere. Roasted vegetables, lots of pickles, desserts, cakes and cobblers, and pies. More biscuits.

Tune in to Southern at Heart on Sundays at 12|11c.

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