What to Watch: It's One Big Party This Weekend on Food Network

Tune into Food Network for a weekend of fun as the chefs gear up for a variety of food-filled parties and competition shows.
By: Caitlyn Callegari
Damaris' Karaoke Party

We hope you're in a festive mood this weekend, because the Food Network chefs are ready to celebrate. Tune in to The Pioneer Woman, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite and Southern at Heart for everything from a birthday party to an office party to a slumber party.

If you want to keep up the excitement, check out all-new episodes of Rewrapped, Guy's Grocery Games, Holiday Baking Championship and Cutthroat Kitchen. There are all kinds of food shenanigans involved, ranging from fruitcake to marshmallow guns. And if you want to wind down with mouthwatering recipes, watch Farmhouse Rules for dishes like Classic Rosemary Lamb Chops, Twice-Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Garlic Broccoli Rabe and B and W Chocolate-Dipped  Shortbread Cookies.

In honor of their new office, The Drummonds throw a party. Ree sets up a Shrimp Cocktail Bar with three different sauces; Avocado Crema, Classic Cocktail and Remoulade. In addition to that, she cooks Spicy Italian Meatballs, Bacon-Wrapped Dates and Brownie Pops.

Saturday 10a|9c

Trisha and her friend Karri throw a "Just Because" party. They serve Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole, Zucchini Cakes with Herb Sour Cream and Fresh Apple Cake, and Trisha whips up her signature cocktail.

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

The episode of Rewrapped centers on the chefs trying to make elaborate meals out of Nabisco Ritz Bits with Cheese.

Saturday 1|12c

Giada De Laurentiis serves breakfast food in honor of being a guest at the Hollywood Improv for Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark's show Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia. She makes Bloody Mary Dip, Silver Dollar Pancake Sandwiches and Eggs Benedict Deviled Eggs. Alie and Georgia also get in on the fun and prepare a Lavender Chamomile Tequila.

Sunday 10:30a|9:30c

Guy Fieri cooks up Cajun BBQ Prawns, Jicama Black Bean Salad and Plantain Pancakes for a party with friends.

Sunday 11a|10c

Damaris and her friend Sam throw a karaoke party for their birthdays. But singing isn't the only special aspect: Damaris serves her guests Fish Taco Wraps, No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Pops and Butter Bean Hummus.

Sunday 12|11c

Nancy has her friends over for lunch and serves Classic Rosemary Lamb Chops, Twice-Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Garlic Broccoli Rabe and B and W Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookies.

Sunday 12:30|11:30c

The contestants are put to the test with an intense round of Food Wheel and a treacherous Red Light Special.

Sunday 8|7c

The five remaining contestants are forced to tackle fruitcake and the yule log.

Sunday 9|8c

The sabotages are greatly varied in this episode as the contestants are faced with a block of ice, dim sum and s'mores — but not without a marshmallow-gun target practice first.

Sunday 10|9c

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