Guy Fieri on the Family Dynamics at Play on Triple G: Family Style

Guy Fieri reveals what makes the upcoming Guy's Grocery Games: Family Style competition so unique.

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Photo by: Jeremiah Alley ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Jeremiah Alley, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Now in its fourth season, Guy's Grocery Games has turned grocery shopping into a game, taking something that might be seen as a necessary chore and turning it into welcomed fun. And in the new season, premiering Sunday, Jan. 4 at 8|7c, families are entering for the chance to win the $20,000 shopping spree.

Guy's Grocery Games: Family Style will feature four three-person family teams in each of its four episodes, airing Jan. 4, 11, 18 and 25. These families take team playing to the next level, showing positive collaboration from shopping to cooking. FN Dish recently caught up with host Guy Fieri to chat about the new season and the unique family competition. He reveals what viewers can expect to see, including some emotionally moving moments.

With the show going into its fourth season, what do you think makes it so popular? What kind of responses have you seen from fans?

Guy Fieri: I think the key element to the popularity really has to do with the connection that people have: Everybody shops. They look at Flavortown Market and they're like, "It's like my grocery store." And, "I can do that." And, "I would have done this." Or, "I love when they do that." People love a challenge. Shopping for a lot of people isn't an adventure; it's either "yes" or "no." So for the people that it's not an adventure for, it's a way to make shopping more fun. And for people that do love shopping, it makes it even more fun. So there are so many connections for the viewing public, for the fans to get. It's an America's game. It really is one of the most-exciting food games that I think is on TV.

To inaugurate the new season, there's the Family Style competition. Can you talk about what makes the four-episode run so unique?

GF: We all understand cooking with our family. We've either been the one cooking with our family or we've been the one getting our family to cook with us. One of the two things comes about. And I think when people see this they're going to go: "Ah! That's what my kid does." Or, "My dad does the same thing." And the situations that will take place, that folks will see, will make them laugh, make them cry, but it will really make them excited. I love Triple G. And I never thought that it would get this much better. I thought it was always great. This is outstanding. This round of shows that we've just done has been mind-blowing.

What sort of family dynamic do you think viewers can expect to see?

GF: You're seeing a lot of positive energy, a lot of cooperation, a lot of support, a lot of help. And this isn't canned participation, canned support. ... These people are in the thick of things. I mean, these people are in the middle of it. And they're going after a lot of money, so there's a lot of pressure beyond what the average person typically has. Because how many times have you been standing with your family members battling it out for 20 grand? So when you see people ... sticking together, and not second-guessing each other, not throwing each other under the bus when something didn't get completed on time, when you see people just in the moment with their family just doing it, you're kind of like, "Yeah, that's beautiful."

Keep checking back for more on the Guy's Grocery Games: Family Style competition, and see behind-the-scenes galleries with the families.

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