What to Watch: Budget-Friendly Meals, Money-Saving Tips and More

Get this weekend's line-up of all-new shows on Food Network, including programming geared to help you create budget-minded meals.
Daphne Dishes

This weekend on Food Network, tune in for programming on Saturday and Sunday morning geared to help you create budget-minded meals, whether it's tips for shopping in bulk, using up leftovers in a creative way or using inexpensive ingredients to get the best bang for your buck. Ree Drummond, the hosts of The Kitchen, Guy Fieri and Daphne Brogdon are full of ideas to help you.

Also, on Saturday, Giada De Laurentiis shows you how to make restaurant-style dishes at home. Then, on Sunday night, tune in for three hours of competition with Guy's Grocery Games: Family Style, Worst Cooks in America and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Ree's hitting the mark on a major bulk-buy trip and stocking up on chicken breasts, ready to turn into a fantastic cobb salad, a pan of skillet chicken lasagna, cool, crisp Thai lettuce wraps and feel-good chicken rice soup.

Saturday 10a|9c

The Kitchen is full of money-saving tips: There's Sunny's Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole freezer fix, tasty ways to use up your veggies and two amazing dishes that maximize your pantry's potential. Daphne Brogdon, host of Food Network's Daphne Dishes, reinvents a leftover dessert. Plus, wait until you see how we use that last scoop at the bottom of the jar. Geoffrey's refreshing White Wine Spritzer stretches your alcohol, and the gang reveal their money-saving Kitchen Confessions.

Saturday 11a|10c

Giada De Laurentiis gives tips on how to make restaurant-style dishes in your own kitchen. The dishes are easy but impressive and delicious, like pan-seared salmon with summer succotash, penne with pork ragout and New York strip steak with red wine butter.

Sunday 10:30a|9:30c

Guy Fieri is out to prove that budget meals don't need to be bland with a wallet-friendly but flavor-packed meal worthy of company. Chicken thigh and fennel sausage cacciatore, served with barley and mushroom risotto, is sure to satisfy the hungriest eaters. For dessert, struffoli with orange honey and pine nuts are easy, impressive and economical.

Sunday 11a|10c

Daphne Brogdon makes some simple and tasty recipes using leftovers. Last night's braised chicken turns into a brisket ragu served over crispy pasta. Lonely cauliflower is transformed into the best cauliflower ever, and Daphne’s leftover vanilla pound cake gets a makeover with macerated strawberries and ice cream.

Sunday 12|11c

Chefs keep it all in the family with teams featuring spouses, siblings and even Grandma! The pasta shelves are off-limits when our four families attempt to create their best noodle dish. Next, three families have to come up with fresh ideas for making dessert from nonperishable items. The finalists must make their favorite family meal, but have to watch their weight while shopping. Then, it's "all hands on cart" as the winning family goes on the Triple G Shopping Spree worth up to $20,000.

Sunday 8|7c

The recruits try their hands at experimenting with flavor combinations in a Skill Drill where they'll have to serve crepe creations in a blind tasting. Then, the recruits make their own international tacos: Some flavor combinations are good enough to take over the world, while some are truly Worst Cooks-worthy!

Sunday 9|8c

One chef has to make grilled cheese and tomato soup while in a giant high chair. Then, someone has to cook orange chicken in oranges. Finally, one chef has to make granola using only the tools from the hiker's backpack that they wear during the whole round.

Sunday 10|9c

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