One of These Things Is Not Like the Other — Chopped After Hours

Catch an all-new episode of Chopped After Hours, where the judges cook with mystery basket ingredients from the show.
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Chopped After Hours

Photo by: David Lang ©2014,Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

David Lang, 2014,Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours: Late-Night Food
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Late-night cravings can be pretty weird sometimes, especially when it comes to the types of foods eaten in succession, or even all at once. That was exactly the theme of tonight's Chopped episode in which the competitors found themselves cooking with mystery baskets full of late-night combinations. And after the episode, the judges — Geoffrey Zakarian, Scott Conant and Maneet Chauhan — face the dessert round in an all-new Chopped After Hours, cooking with a rice and cheese burrito, chocolate milk, whipped cream and apple pie.

"I hate to admit this, but I love these apple pies," confesses Scott, for what Ted Allen explains is "not the kind your grandma used to make but the kind you might get at a convenience store." Geoffrey pokes fun at the comment, saying, "I actually got all these things at the gas station on the way here." Ted underlines the difficulty they might have working with processed foods. But Geoffrey isn't fazed, as he explains "that any of these foods will taste better with some alcohol."

"This is unauthorized, inappropriate contraband," says Ted of Geoffrey using his own soda fountain glasses for his "saffron apple pie eggnog ice cream." But if that is any indication of Geoffrey's strategy, his utilization of the burrito is a red flag, as he's boiling it to use only the "burrito water" in his chocolate sauce. At least Geoffrey has a strong idea for what he's making, unlike Scott, who sends Ted away. "I'm building components and then we're going to figure it out," Scott explains. In the end he turns out a smooth chocolate mousse. Ted teases Maneet, who allows Geoffrey to get to the ice cream machine first, but she still has time for her ice cream sundae with Indian flavors. "Just order and it shall be done," Maneet says of Ted requesting she use cardamom.

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