Fans Show Us Their Guilty Food Pleasures: All About Barbecue

Check out photos of Food Network fans' most-over-the-top barbecue dishes.

Though the meaning of barbecue varies from region to region and even from state to state, there's no denying that all things meaty, saucy and grilled are some of the best bites of the season. In celebration of the over-the-top eats featured on last night's episode of Guilty Pleasures, Food Network asked you, the fans, to tell us about your top plates of barbecue. And in true superfan fashion, you delivered in droves, not just commenting but also showing photos of piled-high plates of sticky ribs, grill-marked chicken and everything in between. When it comes to true 'cue, there's no denying you all know how to indulge. Keep scrolling below to see more of FN Dish's favorite selections.

#CanEatLikePopcorn, that's what @makemyleftover says of these bite-size rib nuggets. We. Are. Sold.

According to @sabasspecialties, there’s "nothing better than eating right off the grill," and we're inclined to agree, especially when what we're eating is this juicy-looking chicken.

When it comes to party-ready appetizers, not much can beat a jalapeno popper. But  @lauralterrell takes that classic to the next level by opting for poblanos instead of jalapenos and filling them with a chicken-and-cream-cheese mixture.

It's not all meat on the grill, though there indeed looks to be some of that here too. @julicoffman uses a tray to char delicate shrimp and veggies.

Who says you have to have a grill to turn out barbecue? Just put your oven to work instead, like @pierregoh did to make these baby back ribs.

Don't be fooled by your first glance at this dog from @goeatdrink. There's a hearty smear of chili here, and it's layered right beneath the cheese and onions.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Guilty Pleasures next Monday at 10|9c. 

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