Fans Show Us Their Guilty Food Pleasures: All About Burgers

Check out photos of Food Network fans' most-over-the-top burgers.

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Fans Show Us Their Guilty Food Pleasures: All About Burgers

A buttery, crisp bun, a blanket of gooey, melty cheese and a hunk of hot meat that oozes juice — there's nothing quite like an over-the-top burger, especially for Food Network chefs Robert Irvine and Alex Guarnaschelli, who just recently revealed on Guilty Pleasures that some of their most-sinful food cravings include a mac and cheese-topped burger and one served up with sweet griddled onions.

Recently Food Network asked fans to tell us about their burger bites, and in true superfan fashion, you delivered in droves, not just writing back but also showing photos of some of the most-epic between-the-bun creations we've seen so far this season. When it comes to layering meat, cheese and veggies — and more meat and more cheese — on top of bread, you all are surely up for the challenge. Keep scrolling below to see some of FN Dish's favorite selections.

Fans' Burgers

Look at all of that melted cheese action @_ahungrynomad achieved here. The caption reads that this burger is "10/10," and by the looks of it, we'd have to agree.

Fans' Burgers

Tiny burgers means you can eat more of them, right, @denagendy? Right. Let's go with that.

Fans' Burgers

We're big fans of the #putaneggonit trend over here, and @hoosierhomemade is doing the hashtag justice with this beauty.

Fans' Burgers

Just how much can you stuff between two halves of a bun? It seems like @stuffnthingsimake is on a mission to find out, and it appears she's found the magic recipe with onion rings and bacon.

Fans' Burgers

Burgers are wonderful, but burgers with a view are even better. Way to go, @asweetpotatopie.

Fans' Burgers

Who says beef burgers get to have all the fun? This impressive dish, topped with roasted chiles and smoked Gouda, from @miss_anthropigtailz features a turkey patty front and center.

Fans' Burgers

You've likely heard of chile-cheese hot dogs, but for @huckfelix09, it's all about that time-honored combo atop a burger.

Tune in to Guilty Pleasures every Monday at 10|9c for more indulgent eats.

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