Fans Show Us Their Guilty Food Pleasures: All About Summer Desserts

Check out photos of Food Network fans' most-over-the-top summer desserts.
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There's nothing quite like a scoop — or two or three — of ice cream to cool you down during the steamy months of summer. On yesterday's all-new episode of Guilty Pleasures, Curtis Stone showed off the over-the-top ice cream sundae he grabs in Santa Monica, Calif., a chocolate- and caramel-laced beauty topped off with chopped brownies and slivered almonds for welcome crunch.

Recently Food Network  asked you to tell us about your best-ever summer desserts, and in true superfan fashion, you delivered in droves, not just writing back but also showing photos of sweet-tooth-satisfying treats that range from cool treats like Curtis' to a cupcake-inspired take on a campfire classic. When it comes to all thing sugar, frosting and sprinkles, there's no denying you all know how to indulge. Keep scrolling below to see of FN Dish's favorite selections.

It doesn't take a campfire to turn out s'more-inspired treats, which @freddy_the_coonhound proved with these frosted cupcakes.

A double scoop of this cool peanut-banana sorbet? We like your style, @sorbabes, especially since you added chocolate fudge for good measure.

Not all banana puddings need to be eaten with a spoon; in fact, this banana pudding-style cake from @msnikki_cutie87 that features a whopping three layers, plus toppings of vanilla cookies for extra crunch, is just waiting to be sliced onto your plate.

Strawberry season is upon us, and @soupsss took full advantage with this bubbling fruit pie, laced with lemon for even more flavor.

We can't get over the color of these strawberry macarons from @101soojung; the ruby-red shell and soft-pink filling practically scream "summer" when layered together.

How do you take a dessert as richly decadent as tiramisu and transform it into something even more indulgent? Follow the lead of @bowlstories and turn it into a raspberry tiramisu.

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