It’s All About Burgers on Top 5 Restaurants — Vote for Your Favorite

Recap the five burgers that topped the charts on the premiere of Top 5 Restaurants, then vote on which burger you think is the best.
Brindle Room Burger

If there’s one food Americans seem to love endlessly, it’s a burger. On last night’s premiere of Top 5 Restaurants, Food Network narrowed the search for the country’s best burgers. Hosts Sunny Anderson and Geoffrey Zakarian brought the burgers to you in a countdown while taking a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurants — and what exactly made their burgers big, juicy and delicious enough to top the list.

The show kicked off at Mission Bowling Club, a San Francisco bowling alley that serves up the Mission Burger, so good that customers will skip the bowling and get right to eating. Sid’s Diner in El Reno, Okla., ranked fourth on the list with The Onion Burger, loaded with perfectly crisp, caramelized onions. Next the show zipped back to California, this time to Pasadena, for Pie ‘n Burger. This old-style restaurant has served the Classic Burger the same way for more than 50 years: with American cheese and a housemade Thousand Island dressing. Next stop: Brindle Room in New York. The Steakhouse Burger’s unique blend of beef and flavorful condiments made it a close runner-up. After touring the country, Top 5 Restaurants ended with the best of the best: the Double Cheese Burger at Au Cheval in Chicago. Maple-glazed bacon, thinly sliced patties (times three), housemade “Djionaise” and an optional egg fried in clarified butter were the mouthwatering ingredients to top this week’s list.

Take a spin through the gallery to see which five burgers topped the list, then vote in the poll to tell us which burger personally ranks No. 1 for you.

Tune in next Monday at 10:30|9:30c to find out the top five restaurants serving up the best BBQ.

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