Halloween Wars Q&As: Hear from the Team Members of 2 Ghouls and a Guy

Hear from the members of 2 Ghouls and a Guy, one of five teams competing on Halloween Wars, Season 5.

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Halloween Wars

Grab a bucket of candy and prepare for a scare, because Season 5 of Halloween Wars is set to begin Sunday, Oct. 4 (premiering at 9|8c). Before this fright-night celebration of all things spooky and sugary begins, FN Dish is taking you inside the competition to hear from the five teams of Halloween warriors who will be facing off for the chance at a whopping $50,000.

Today we're introducing you to team 2 Ghouls and a Guy, made up of Diane Fehder, Jeff Munchel and Bridget McCarty. Read on below to hear from all three of them, then check back tomorrow to hear from another group of teammates.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?

Diane Fehder: I think of trick-or-tricking in my parents' neighborhood while growing up. I love Halloween. I love dressing up and now love dressing my daughter up. I think of all the past memories I’ve had — the smell of fall leaves and fireplaces. Now all of our neighbors get together outside and hand out candy together.

Jeff Munchel: When I think of Halloween, I think of candy, blood and haunted houses!

Bridget McCarty: [I think of] black cats, witches, pumpkins, lights, crows, mummies, candy, costumes, darkness, night, owls, sugar, Dracula, smoke, fog, scarecrows, cauldrons, screams, howls and more.

What monster scares you the most?

DF: As much as I love watching post-apocalyptic zombie shows on TV, zombies creep me out the most!

JM: Freddy Krueger and Michael scare me the most.

BM: I don't like monsters that spook me! I get startled easily when I'm not paying attention. Just like at Halloween Horror Nights, I always get spooked by the stalker monsters that follow me.

How are you feeling going into the competition, and what is your biggest fear?

DF: I’m terrified going into the competition. I’m scared I’ll look like a bad cake decorator or send my team home.

JM: I feel nervous going into competition. My biggest fear is not executing my elements with my teammates.

BM: I'm feeling great about the competition. We have planned a lot, and my worst fear would be something not sticking or time running out.

What is your favorite tool?

DF: I have a bunch of tools I can’t live without: a scalpel, an offset spatula, a pasta roller and a ruler.

JM: A chef's knife is my favorite and most-versatile tool.

BM: My favorite tools are a clay scraper and an X-Acto knife — they get great peeling and detailed looks.

How are you approaching the competition?

DF: Terrified and trying to be as prepared as possible

JM: I feel very stressed going into the competition.

BM: I am ready and excited! I can't wait for my pumpkins and team's work to be shared across Food Network’s audience so that everyone can see how exciting this is going to look.

What is the most-daunting project you have ever completed?

DF: Professionally: preparing for Sugar Dome and now Halloween Wars. Personally: delivering a baby, and raising her to be happy and healthy. Balancing a happy life.

JM: The most-daunting project I ever completed was for the Pastry Chef of the Year competition in New York in 2012. It was a red-and-black cake with peanut butter and jelly bonbons.

BM: I have created many pumpkins, live, at a notable theme park in Southern California, and the guests are ready to be impressed in person! The pressure is always on to keep them talking and coming back. Sometimes they let you know if they love the pumpkins or not.

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