Halloween Wars Q&As: Hear from the Team Members of Morbid Morticians

Hear from the members of Morbid Morticians, one of five teams competing on Halloween Wars, Season 5.

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Halloween Wars

Grab a bucket of candy and prepare for a scare, because Season 5 of Halloween Wars is set to begin Sunday, Oct. 4 (premiering at 9|8c). Before this fright-night celebration of all things spooky and sugary begins, FN Dish is taking you inside the competition to hear from the five teams of Halloween warriors who will be facing off for the chance at a whopping $50,000.

Today we're introducing you to team Morbid Morticians, made up of Renay Zamora, Rebecca Wortman and Doug Goodreau. Read on below to hear from all three of them, then check back tomorrow to hear from another group of teammates.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?

Renay Zamora: Jack-o’-lanterns on the porch are what I think of when I hear the word “Halloween.”

Rebecca Wortman: I think of all the candy!

Doug Goodreau: The first thing that comes to mind is pumpkins, of course!

What monster scares you the most?
RZ: Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies
RW: Werewolves, by far, scare me the most.

DG: Monsters in human form are the scariest because you don't see them coming, or they could be anyone around you. John Wayne Gacy was creepy-scary, Jeffrey Dahmer was scary in a sick way, and The Night Stalker was quite a fright. Terrorists are the scariest monsters to date because they're like roaches: everywhere.

How are you feeling going into the competition, and what is your biggest fear?

RZ: I’m excited! I guess it’s kind of like watching a scary movie … I’m going to see how far I can go before I dive under that blanket.

RW: I feel very relaxed going into the competition, however, my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to finish my work.

DG: I feel confident and look forward to the experience. I'm not so much afraid as I am concerned about how my teammates handle stress and interact as a team, due to the fact we've never worked together. I first and foremost think of the fun and opportunity to learn from other experts using their mediums in a collaborative effort to create something greater than what I would have done on my own with only a pumpkin.

What is your favorite tool?

RZ: My hands are my favorite and most-versatile tool.

RW: My favorite tools are my hands. I do all my buttercream sculptures by hand.

DG: "Life experience" is my favorite tool. Halloween is the only time of year when my sculpture skills, paleontology (prehistoric monsters) background and mortuary work expertise synergize into one art form with a horrific manifestation. Clay loops are one of my favorite tools as well.

How are you approaching the competition?

RZ: I’m coming into this with an attitude of gratitude. Not many people get to do something like this! I want to have fun, meet new people, make some friends and do good work.

RW: I’m pushing my work as far as I can go and [hoping] to make my competition nervous.

DG: I’m approaching this competition head-on. Bring it!

What is the most-daunting project you have ever completed?

RZ: Almost all of my cakes have been first-time cakes. I think the one that gave me nightmares was a groom’s cake that had a basketball cake on top of a cake made to look like a stack of law books on top of a suitcase cake. I couldn’t deliver the cake assembled because it was too heavy, so I had to deliver it in pieces and assemble onsite. I had to make sure that my measurements were correct to ensure that, when I assembled the cake, the middle steel rod wouldn’t poke through the top. It turned out perfectly!

RW: The most-daunting project I ever completed was a 5-foot-tall harlequin woman made out of buttercream and sugar.

DG: With pumpkin carving, there has never been a project that was daunting or incomplete for me to date — it's simply not that kind of work. As an artist, there is always more you can do or additional ideas to explore with a complex project. One has to pause and decide if he or she has accomplished what they set out to do/fully expressed a concept, evaluate and reassess where they are, enjoy the process, and call it "done."

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