Halloween Wars Q&As: Hear from the Team Members of Scream Team

Hear from the members of Scream Team, one of five teams competing on Halloween Wars, Season 5.
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Grab a bucket of candy and prepare for a scare, because Season 5 of Halloween Wars is set to begin Sunday, Oct. 4 (premiering at 9|8c). Before this fright-night celebration of all things spooky and sugary begins, FN Dish is taking you inside the competition to hear from the five teams of Halloween warriors who will be facing off for the chance at a whopping $50,000.

Today we're introducing you to team Scream Team, made up of Robert Teddy, Adam Bierton and Darci Rochau. Read on below to hear from all three of them, then check back tomorrow to hear from another group of teammates.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?

Robert Teddy: The Great Pumpkin

Adam Bierton: Carving pumpkins comes to mind first (of course).

Darci Rochau: Dark and spooky
What monster scares you the most?

RT: The creature from the Forbidden Planet really scares me a lot.

AB: Audrey Jr., from The Little Shop of Horrors. This stupid plant haunted me as a child and continues to scare me as an adult. (Then again, maybe I'm just relating to how cool of a carve this could be!)

DR: I’m so scared of Aliens!

How are you feeling going into the competition, and what is your biggest fear?

RT: I am feeling so excited! Waking up with a big zit on my face would be my biggest fear.

AB: Biggest fear is time and time alone. I am a perfectionist by heart and spend a lot of time on the details (of everything). So I'm trying to tune myself in to produce the highest quality results in the quickest amount of time. Otherwise I'm feeling like a pumpkin pie of emotions: confident, nervous, positive, anxious, relaxed, excited, exhausted, determined, petrified, ready, willing and able. Bon appétit!

DR: Excited but nervous, I just want to make my team proud.

What is your favorite tool?
RT: My favorite tool is my trusty glue gun.

AB: Tough to say ... there isn't a tool I dislike, to be honest. They say, "A man is only as good as the tools he owns" — or something like that. I am very fond of power tools, but unfortunately they don't perform as well as one might hope for on pumpkins! I'd have to say my paring blade is my favorite, although it's an everyday kitchen tool. I can do some damage with a good piece of steel.

DR: My favorite tools are actually my hands.
How are you approaching the competition?
RT: With a lot of thought and passion

AB: With a clean mind and stomach full of butterflies. I'd like to say I think I am prepared, but [I] have no idea what I am getting myself into!

DR: I’m approaching the competition with a victory in mind.

What is the most-daunting project you have ever completed?

RT: I created a fully lit 10-foot chandelier of sugar for an art gallery showing.

AB: The most-daunting project would be the Luna Park pumpkin I worked on with the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers two seasons ago. We carved the iconic Coney Island face into a 1,100-pound pumpkin with a live audience and a million questions.

DR: I built a 3-D Lorax house, and it took forever but was awesome at the end.

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