Spam S'mores? The Canned Meat Goes Outdoors on Foodie Call

Those of you familiar with Food Network Star Season 8 winner Justin Warner know that the self-taught cook has some seriously creative ideas when it comes to food. In Season 2 of his Food Network Web series Foodie Call, Justin meets with industry pros to chat about their hot-topic specialty foods, and then wows each of them by coming up with entirely new ways to use the ingredient in a dish. Just wait until you see which classic American pork product he’s tackling for the first episode of the new season. (No, it’s not bacon!).

In this episode, Justin meets up with Brooklyn chef Nick Subic of King Noodle to Spam an American classic: the s’more. Together they’ll take the polarizing pork product outdoors to an open flame, then sandwich it between traditional graham crackers along with a homemade wasabi marshmallow.

Watch more episodes of Foodie Call — and see Justin’s dramatic culinary transformations — here.

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