Foodie Call: Black-Garlic Mayo Steak & Cake

This week on Foodie Call, mayo is on Justin’s mind when he meets with artisan purveyors Sam Mason and Elizabeth Valleau of Empire Mayonnaise. Inspired by their homestyle spreads with exotic flavors such as ghost pepper, Sriracha and rosemary, he uses black-garlic mayo to replace the eggs and oil in his cake batter to create a savory chocolate cake — and you’ll never guess what’s served alongside it.

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Foodie Call: Mayo 06:26

Justin pairs steak and cake with mayonnaise.

Justin’s imagination gets sparked when Elizabeth likens the flavor of Empire’s Black-Garlic Mayonnaise to that of a well-cooked steak. He goes on to pair the savory loaf with rare steak and grilled scallions, and serves up a slice of cake like you’ve never had before.

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