Squid Takes Center Stage on a Splatoon-Inspired Episode of Foodie Call (Video)

This week on Foodie Call, Justin’s love of video games finally connects with his love for food when Nintendo’s PR guru, David Young, stops by to discuss the surprisingly wide crossover of games and food. Inspired by the squid motifs in Nintendo’s Splatoon, Justin decides to acknowledge his fanboy status in an interesting way.

He prepares squid two different ways, making a dish for each of the Squid Sisters — two female characters in the game who are named Callie and Marie (get it? Callie + Marie = Calamari!). Justin fries the squid in one dish to make a classic crispy calamari with a twist, and grills the other, serving it atop a squid ink and purple cabbage “cake.” David Young declares the dishes the best calamari he’s ever had.

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Foodie Call: Nintendo 08:27

Justin creates two squid dishes inspired by Nintendo's Splatoon.
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