From Pastrami to Parm: The Best Sandwiches on Top 5 Restaurants — Vote for Your Favorite

Browse through the photo gallery to see what Top 5 Restaurants features as America’s best sandwiches. Then vote in the poll to tell us which dish is your favorite.

Looking for the best sandwich in America? Top 5 Restaurants recently revealed the best things between two pieces of bread, and the results covered all the bases. Beef dip? Check. Meatball sub? Check. And some of the locations were pretty surprising: There's a pastrami sandwich that's not from New York City! Hosts Geoffrey Zakarian and Sunny Anderson counted down the top five. Find out which sandwiches made the list and where you can go to get them.

Head to Chicago if you're looking for the original beef sandwich. At Al's #1 Italian Beef, you can get your sandwich dry, wet or dipped, which is basically submerged in the cooking juices. Owner Chris Pacelli Jr. says you can call it "jus" but everyone in Chicago knows it as gravy! The sandwich is ready to eat once it gets its topping of housemade giardiniera.

Many might say a pastrami sandwich not from NYC is a sacrilege, but in this case it's made by former New Yorker Kenny Gordon at Kenny & Zuke's in Portland, Ore. Besides the pastrami, he also makes the rye bread and the coleslaw in-house. The secret to the pastrami's melt-in-your-mouth texture is that it's been smoked for 11 hours over oak logs. That's the reason why Kenny & Zuke's sells 1,500 pounds of it per week.

Austin locals call Noble Sandwich Co. by the name of its most-popular sandwich, The Noble Pig. Owner John Bates serves the sandwiches on housemade bread made with bacon bits and rendered bacon fat. You'll find all housemade ham, pork shoulder and bacon piled on this porky bread. Melted provolone and spicy mustard and mayo are the finishing touches.

You'll find a little piece of Puebla, Mexico, in San Francisco at La Torta Gorda. There owner Armando Macuil serves his Pierna Enchilada Torta with carnitas with adobo salsa, refried beans, queso fresco, mayonnaise, red onion and avocado, all on a soft bun. You know you've done a good job eating one of these sandwiches when you have the pulled pork's juice running down your chin.

And topping Food Network's list is the Meatball Parm Hero from Parm in New York City. Owner Mario Carbone based his recipe on the classic Italian nonna's. He uses veal, beef and pork sausage to create the most-flavorful meatballs. First fried and then baked in his fresh tomato sauce, the meatballs are served on Italian sesame bread and topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and fresh basil.

Browse through the photo gallery to see what Top 5 Restaurants features as the country's best sandwiches. Then vote in the poll to tell us which dish is your favorite.[pollcaster widget="poll" id="9UpLzVlWnYMk4K9ef1ipceABcDK" width="100%" height="auto"]

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