What to Watch: Slow-Cooker Hacks on The Kitchen and the Premiere of Giada’s Holiday Handbook

This weekend, tune in for
Giada's Holiday Handbook

Photo by: Eddy Chen ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Eddy Chen, 2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

It’s officially comfort food season, and all of the Food Network chefs are sharing their easy, cheesy and downright indulgent eats. It starts Saturday morning, when Ree Drummond is offering up tips for minimal-prep dorm room food like Waffle Maker Pizzas and Tea Kettle Noodle Soup. Next, Nancy Fuller is treating her grandkids to a feast of Honey Fried Chicken and Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake. After that, the co-hosts of The Kitchen share three new slow-cooker hacks, and Amanda Freitag stops by to make her “Pork on Pork” Chops. Patricia Heaton is hosting a game-day party filled with comfort food like Sloppy Joe Pockets and Kickoff Cupcakes. Finally, Valerie Bertinelli is spicing up poker night with southwestern egg rolls and ham sliders. On Saturday night, it’s two brand-new episodes of Unwrapped 2.0 that include behind-the-scenes looks at circus peanuts, Tootsie Rolls and more.

On Sunday, Guy Fieri is creating an Asian-inspired dinner with fried snapper and coconut-cilantro rice. Then, it’s the premiere of Giada’s Holiday Handbook, including autumn-inspired food and fun like Chai Chocolate Truffles and “Holiday Survival Kits” full of essentials for Giada’s guests. Next, Damaris Phillips is cooking a marinated beet salad along with sausage and herb quiche for a friend. Then, Bobby Flay is putting a new spin on classic pancake house dishes with mini omelet frittatas and tropical silver-dollar pancakes. And on Sunday night, catch four grandmothers battling it out on a new Guy’s Grocery Games, followed by holiday wreath desserts on Holiday Baking Championship and a new slate of sabotages on Cutthroat Kitchen.

Ree is sharing some great ideas for simple, minimal-prep dorm room food made with basic tools, such as Waffle Maker Pizzas, Paninis and Quesadillas. Next, she shows how to use a zipper bag to make a great Caesar salad and fruit salad. A microwave stands in for an oven to make Chocolate Cake in a Mug, and dinner can be made in a flash with her spicy Tea Kettle Noodle Soup.

Saturday 10a|9c

Nancy’s daughter Nita and her kids are visiting for the weekend, so she wants to treat them to a special, scenic ride on the Catskill Mountain Railroad. She's making Honey Fried Chicken, Cobb Salad with Bacon Buttermilk Dressing, Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake, Frozen Basil Lemonade, and Sweet and Salty Conductor Corn for a salty snack on the train.

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

Geoffrey Zakarian kicks things off with a decadent truffled mushroom mac and cheese, and Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro show two new twists on banana bread. Then, find out just how bad some of your everyday habits really are and learn three sweet slow-cooker hacks. Food Network's Amanda Freitag stops by to make a comforting classic, “Pork on Pork” Chops, and Nancy Fuller joins the gang to enjoy Geoffrey's Ginger-Spiced Buttered Rum cocktail.

Saturday 11a|12c

Sharing a house with five men means you hear a lot about sports, and it also means hosting plenty of game days, so Patricia Heaton has got a menu that makes it easy to kick back and enjoy the day with them. Patty's making one of her favorite cocktails, The End Zone, as well as Cleveland Stuffed Potatoes, Sloppy Joe Pockets, Kickoff Cupcakes, and Sweet and Savory Popcorn.

Saturday 12|11c

It's poker night, and Valerie and her husband, Tom, are joined by their friends: actor Michael Burger, Food Network's Duff Goldman and TV producer Jenny JohnsonValerie's got the perfect full house of a menu: Southwestern Egg Rolls with Salsa Dipping Sauce, retro Rumaki Teriyaki, an Orzo Salad with Grape Tomatoes and Radishes, and Ham, Apple and Cheddar Sliders.

Saturday 12:30|11:30c

Join host Alfonso Ribeiro and savor the flavor of some tasty treats, including Eli's scrumptious Bavarian Apple Tart and Necco's classic bite-size Mary Jane. Then, the mystery of the orange-colored, banana-flavored Circus Peanuts is solved, and you’ll find out why there's no dip necessary for Snak King's spicy Salsitas.

Saturday 8|7c

On this journey of all things rolled, Unwrapped 2.0 shows you there's nothing you can't roll in La Chiquita's Tomato and Basil Tortilla. You'll also see how Stuckey's Pecan Log Roll evolved from a sweet treat sold from the trunk of a car into a roadside classic. Cacao Atlanta Chocolate rolls out a delectable chocolate "salami," and you’ll find out why the Tootsie Roll factory needs its own train.

Saturday 8:30|7:30c

Guy is getting snappy with an Asian-inspired dinner featuring a showstopping Whole Fried Snapper with Ginger Tamarind sauce, served on a mound of Coconut-Cilantro Rice. This is one episode you definitely want to catch!

Sunday 9:30a|8:30c

Giada gets her guests in the spirit by serving delicious autumn-inspired food, including Chai Chocolate Truffles, White Velvet Soup, Spicy Cocktail Puffs and Jam Cocktails. Then, she sends her guests home with "Holiday Survival Kits" full of essentials for a productive and happy holiday season.

Sunday 11a|10c

Damaris’ friend Chris has a passion for historical reenactments and asks her to join him for an Old World archery contest. Always intrigued by these events, Damaris happily dons the appropriate attire and cooks up a meal inspired by the times: Marinated Beet and Stilton Salad, Sausage and Savory Herb Quiche, and Butter Pecan Crumpets.

Sunday 12|11c

Bobby is putting a new spin on classic neighborhood pancake-house dishes, like Mini Denver Omelet Frittatas with Poblano Relish and Crispy Hammy Croutons, and Silver Dollar Tropical Pancakes with Mascarpone Whipped Cream. Plus, Bobby shows how to start your morning right with iced and hot versions of hazelnut-chocolate-toffee coffee.

Sunday 12:30|11:30c

Four seasoned and spunky grandmothers show Guy how it's done! In the first round, the judges hand out samples that the chefs must include in a version of their grandkids' favorite dish. Next, the grannies show off their budgeting and coupon-clipping skills when they make a breakfast for only a few bucks ... with a little help from Guy's mom. Then, the last two ladies compete in a family recipe cook-off, featuring three weird ingredients from the Fieri Food Pyramid.

Sunday 8|7c

It's time to get crafty! The remaining nine bakers attempt to amp up the visual impact of holiday baked goods as they create festive candy cane and holiday wreath desserts.

Sunday 9|8c

Four members of the armed services square off to make steak and eggs. Then, it's "tanks but no tanks" for one chef. Finally, it's hooray for a red, white and blue dessert challenge.

Sunday 10|9c

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