Restaurant Ambush Revisited: Facing Fears at Cape Horn Family Restaurant

Find out how Cape Horn Family Restaurant is doing after its transformation on Restaurant: Impossible.
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Though Joni Kauffman, the owner of Cape Horn Family Restaurant, did not know that Robert Irvine was about to ambush her, her husband, Barry, was indeed aware of the surprise. Barry reached out to Robert and his Restaurant: Impossible team for help to rescue the failing Red Lion, Pa., eatery. With the help of some revealing hidden cameras staged around Joni's business, Robert was able to see that perhaps the greatest problem plaguing Cape Horn was in fact Joni herself. He ultimately worked with her to improve her management skills and help her realize what she needed to do to guarantee both her personal and professional success. Read on below to hear from Joni to find out how her business is faring a few months after its Restaurant: Impossible transformation.

"Robert Irvine has taught me so much in such a short time," Joni explains of Robert's impact on her. "I have come to realize that I cannot and will not let my staff disrespect me or my expectations of them."

About the food at Cape Horn, Joni says, "I am working to put together a 'hard' menu but will be keeping all of the dishes that Robert [made]." And reflecting on the made-over design of her eatery, she notes: "I walk into the restaurant every morning and just look around because I just cannot believe it is the same place. The decor is just absolutely wonderful."

Looking back on the ambush, Joni admits: "When Chef Robert Irvine walked into my restaurant and ambushed us, my first reaction was total shock. Then the tears began. Even today I am not sure if I was crying because I knew what was in store, or if I was crying because this was an answer to my prayers." She also says, "This has given us a brand-new beginning." She sends her thanks to Robert, his team and others.

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