Catch Some Extra Z’s This Weekend and Enjoy as Top 5 Restaurants Covers Brunch — Vote for your Favorite

Snuggle under the covers for some extra hours and enjoy as Food Network’s Sunny Anderson and Geoffrey Zakarian reveal Top 5 Restaurants’ best brunch eats.

Weekends were made for ignoring the clock and sleeping in late. Weekends were also made for heading to a local eatery and enjoying a little ritual called brunch. Later than breakfast but earlier than lunch, brunch is the best time to indulge in everything from syrupy pancakes to peppery hash browns. Plus, drinking boozy beverages at noon is totally acceptable. This past week on Top 5 Restaurants, hosts Geoffrey Zakarian and Sunny Anderson gave viewers a fork-grabbing look at the best brunch dishes in the country.

Between bowling some frames and taking a dip in the nearby pool, customers at Nashville’s Pinewood Social can also enjoy Food Network’s No. 5 pick, the Pot Roast Hash. Made from tender tri-tip meat cooked in a water bath, luscious fingerling potatoes, colorful sauteed peppers and onions, and an egg fried in clarified butter, this dish is worth catching some extra z's for.

Indianapolis eatery Milktooth specializes in unexpected-meets-successful pairings, whether it’s a restaurant inside a converted car garage, or a BLT inside a pancake. Milktooth is the place to be on a Saturday or Sunday. The eatery’s most-renowned dish is the BLT Dutch Baby Pancake, which features a salty-sweet bacon jam and a punchy tomatillo aioli.

Winning Food Network’s title for "best brunch sandwich in America" is the Pastrami and Hash from Philadelphia’s High Street on Market. The potatoes in this sandwich are deep-fried twice — once when raw, and once after being mashed, flattened and frozen — to create a hash brown with a crunchy outer shell and a creamy inner texture.

Rick Lopez, executive chef at La Condesa in Austin, cooks the Yukon potatoes used in his Huevos Condesa dish slowly in duck fat so that they form a crispy texture. He then pairs the potatoes with slow-roasted Texas chicken, fresh local greens and a creamy, locally farmed egg, giving customers the best of American-meets-Mexican flavors.

Cinnamon rolls are bathed in egg custard and topped with a fluffy Neufchâtel cream to make Food Network’s No. 1 pick for best brunch meal: m. henry's Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Housemade granola and sugary mango and blueberry chunks are added on top of this Chicago creation, making this French toast an absolute must-try.

Browse through the photo gallery to see what Top 5 Restaurants features as the country’s best brunch dishes. Then vote in the poll to tell us which dish is your favorite.

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