"They Were Game-Changing Sabotages" — Alton's After-Show

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While some Cutthroat Kitchen chefs are able to endure the wrath of sabotage and survive to cook in the next round, many past competitors have met their doom when a downright diabolical challenge presented them with a test they couldn't pass. On tonight's all-new After-Show, host Alton Brown explained to judge Simon Majumdar that such was the scene on the latest episode for two contestants who were ultimately sent home on account of evilicious sabotages.

"We had two sabotages today that sent people home," Alton said. "They were game-changing sabotages." And sure enough, Alton added that it was those very same sabotages that he and Simon would be trying their hands at as well. Enter the weathervane and the ladle set; the former was Chef Sarah's sole cooking vessel, and the latter Chef Matthew had to mix in and cook with. While the competitors had to prep chicken cacciatore and doughnuts with their sabotages, respectively, Alton and Simon were set to put scrambled eggs on the table instead.

"I'm not getting as much coagulation as I would like," Simon said as he worked to scramble eggs in a ladle. Alton, too, noted, "This is going to be a lot harder than I thought," as he prepared to pour his scrambled eggs onto his chicken-shaped weathervane. Once both guys had plated their eggs, it all came down to the taste test. Simon's used to being the judge in the Cutthroat arena, but today a Bob took his place to determine whose eggs were the best.

Click the play button on the video above to watch Bob sample both plates and find out whether he deemed Simon's or Alton's dish supreme.

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