Torturously Hot But Temptingly Good: The Top 5 Hot and Spicy Dishes in the Nation — Vote for Your Favorite

Find out which hot and spicy dishes from across the nation made the list on Top 5 Restaurants.

Hotheads, get ready for some of the hottest, spiciest foods around. Top 5 Restaurants recently revealed the five best places to get blazingly hot dishes — one features the world's hottest pepper, and another requires the signing of a waiver. If you like that kind of taste bud torture, then these top picks are right up your alley. The dishes wouldn't have made the list if they weren't also packed with flavor, but after a couple of bites you might not taste a thing. But no worries: Just make sure there's a glass of milk in arm's reach. We've got the restaurants that made the list.

There's a burger in Pasadena, Calif., that's so hot you have to wear gloves, and the restaurant makes you sign a waiver. The 50 Alarm Burger at Slater's 50/50 builds up four layers of heat, starting with ghost pepper Jack cheese, habanero jam, freshly sliced jalapenos and finally a topping of deep-fried habanero poppers, which are stuffed with cream cheese for a small creamy respite from the scorching hotness.

You would never think that you could find a tropical escape in the middle of New York City, but at Miss Lily's they've got Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings that'll make you think you're on a Caribbean island. The three-day process of making the wings includes brining and marinating them in a chile paste, but it's the final technique of cooking them in a steam-controlled oven that makes them so succulent. The last step of grilling them with jerk sauce adds the finishing touch.

Americans consume 386 million burritos a month, but if you had to choose just one place to eat them, it should be Papalote Mexican Grill in San Francisco. The Triple Threat Burrito is so named because it's made with chicken marinated in achiote, shrimp marinated in pod chiles, and carne asada. But what makes it killer spicy is the Papalote salsa that's so popular that the owners, brothers Miguel and Victor, had no choice but to bottle it. The recipes is based on their mother's ingredients and their father's process.

New Orleans is famous for its gumbos, but at Liuzza's by the Track you can get one of the spiciest around. It's unique, too, in that it blends both Cajun and Creole techniques for a signature soup that features chicken thighs, andouille sausage and baked okra. What makes it spicy is the cayenne-infused water that's used as stock. You'll find touches of French, Spanish and Caribbean influences in the special soup.

At Nashville's Pepperfire Hot Chicken, there's a dish called the Tender Royale that starts with chicken tenders brined under a vacuum, battered and fried until golden brown, and then soaked in a sauce that's made from the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper. Luckily, the restaurant offers the sauce in different heat levels. The chicken is served on top of a Texas toast and pepper Jack grilled cheese sandwich, which is also battered and deep-fried. The recommended way to eat the dish? "If you don't use a fork and knife, you can't wipe the tears from your eyes," said one customer.

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