What to Watch: Faith Ford on Valerie’s Home Cooking and a Flatbread Sabotage on Cutthroat Kitchen

This weekend, don't miss Faith Ford on Valerie's Home Cooking and a Flatbread Sabotage on Cutthroat Kitchen.

The deep cold has officially arrived and that means lots of time spent cozying up with your favorite comfort foods. This weekend your favorite chefs (and recruits!) are serving warming dishes that’ll make you forget all about the mercury falling. First up, Ree Drummond is making a Tex-Mex dinner that includes carnitas and a cheesy refried bean casserole. After that, Trisha Yearwood is spending an evening around the campfire with quinoa corn chowder and the ultimate s’mores bar. On The Kitchen, the co-hosts will be concentrating on all things stuffed, like stuffed peppers, ham- and cheese-stuffed chicken breasts, and even a Bloody Mary with a stuffed garnish. Then, Valerie Bertinelli is hosting a chick flick marathon with a friend, actress Faith Ford, complete with slow-cooked red beans and rice, and classic gooey brownies are for dessert.

On Sunday morning, Giada De Laurentiis is gearing up for a day of family fun with a slider bar, crispy potato nests and black-and-white cupcakes. Next, Bobby Flay is demonstrating how many ways you can incorporate buttermilk into brunch with buttermilk waffles, buttermilk butter and even a mango-cardamom buttermilk smoothie. On Sunday night, Guy Fieri awards one lucky chef with the last position in Grocery Games’ Triple D tournament. Finally, the Worst Cooks recruits learn how to cook four different Asian street food dishes, and Alton auctions off a new lineup of sabotages on Cutthroat Kitchen, including one that involves a chef cooking while lying flat on his back.

Cowboy Pete's had a long, hard summer working on the farm, so Ree is making a Tex-Mex dinner to thank him and his family. First on the menu is carnitas, along with a refreshing Mango Salad, then cowboy-favorite Cheesy Refried Bean Casserole and spicy Guacamole with a Kick!

Saturday 10a|9c

Trisha invites her favorite gals over for an evening around the campfire, complete with karaoke! They enjoy Caprese Kebabs and Quinoa Corn Chowder with Shrimp, Andouille Sausage and Pepper Pouches that cook on the fire. To drink, there's a tea and lemon punch, and Trisha makes the ultimate s'mores bar for dessert.

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

First, it's food stuffed with flavor in Food Network's most-searched recipe, Marcela Valladolid's Picadillo Stuffed Peppers. Then, find out which popular "stuffed" tools are worth it, and get two recipes for easy weeknight meals: Geoffrey Zakarian's Goat Cheese and Herb Stuffed Chicken Breasts, and Sunny Anderson's Ham and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts.

Saturday 11a|10c

Valerie prepares a couch-friendly menu for a night of marathon TV watching with her friend Faith. On the menu, there's Marinated Cucumber Salad, hearty slow-cooked red beans and rice, Rosemary and Pepper Crackers, and — of course — frosted Classic Gooey Brownies for dessert!

Saturday 12|11c

Giada hosts a fun and cost-effective family celebration complete with simple outdoor games and a menu that appeals to both the little ones and the grownups. There's a make-your-own Juicy Lucy Slider Bar, Crispy Potato Nests with Cherry Ketchup, Black-and-White Cupcakes and easy Chocolate Sodas.

Sunday 11a|10c

Chef Bobby Flay is breaking out the buttermilk, his secret weapon for brunch! First up, Golden Raisin-Fennel Semolina Soda Bread with Buttermilk-Orange Butter, followed by tender buttermilk waffles topped with golden buttermilk fried chicken. And he's blending a thick and refreshing Mango-Cardamom Buttermilk Smoothie.

Sunday 12:30|11:30c

First, chefs must shop for a family feast using the smallest grocery bags ever seen. Then, they must prepare an elegant dinner that incorporates crazy ingredients picked by Guy's Food Pyramid. Finally, each chef must compose a daring dish using a food item he or she selected while blindfolded. The winner goes on a $20,000 shopping spree and nabs a spot in the tournament grand finale!

Sunday 8|7c

Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Tyler Florence give the recruits a hard lesson in kitchen multitasking, as they must cook four eggs, each in a different style — leaving some of the recruits scrambling for time and others cracking under the pressure! Then, the kitchen gets even hotter when the recruits make four different Asian street food dishes.

Sunday 9|8c

Three chefs have to make pho in a pho-to booth. Then, two chefs have to make flatbread while lying flat on their backs. Finally, one chef has to make cherries jubilee in a giant pit of cherry pits.

Sunday 10|9c
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