Foodie Call: Mallets Are Mandatory for Maryland-Style Crabs (Mo Rocca Helps)


This week on Foodie Call, Justin Warner hangs with Mo Rocca (whom you may have spotted cooking in your grandmother’s kitchen). Watch as they get up close and personal with a delicacy from their home state: Maryland crabs.

Justin highlights the finer points of preparing crabs a la the Old Line State (steamed with beer, doused in J.O. seasoning and cracked open with a mallet). And Mo gets a darn good education in the process — and, well, makes a lot of crabby jokes along the way.

Foodie Call: Crabs
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With Justin in the driver’s seat, there’s a twist in the seasoning, of course: smoked Maldon sea salt that’s easier than you think to re-create at home. By the end, thanks to Justin’s instructions for cracking open a crab, even the video crew is smacking on shells and enjoying a bite.

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