The Best Game-Time Noshes: The Top 5 Bar Foods in the Nation — Vote for Your Favorite

Find out which bar foods from across the nation made the list on Top 5 Restaurants.

Whether you get your fill before the game, mindlessly much during the game or celebrate your team's win (or mourn its loss) with a platter of appetizers after the game, bar food is where it's at. Wings? Check. Ribs? Check. Nachos? Check. Fries? Check. Brats? Check. Top 5 Restaurants has a best dish for each from bars across the country. You'll put all team rivalries aside when you try any one of these winning dishes.

Your hands may get dirty while eating the Dirt Wings at J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville, Conn., but it's so worth it. These wings are double fried and double sauced, making them especially crispy and tasty. The saucing before the second fry is what creates a caramelized coating on the wings. It's all served with a Gorgonzola-packed housemade blue cheese dressing. You can see why the restaurant sells 4,000 pounds of wings every week.

In Milwaukee, bratwurst is king. And at Milwaukee Brat House, the bratwursts come from none other than Usinger's, which has been around since 1880 and just so happens to be across the street from the restaurant. To create The Miltown, Chef Craig Mastalir first poaches the brats in beer, then grills them to develop a crispy skin. The brat is then served in a pretzel bun and topped with grilled onions and mushrooms, and sharp cheddar.

For the best cross between nachos and potato skins, you'll want to try the Irish Nachos at J. Gilligan's Bar and Grill in Arlington, Texas. Fried sliced potatoes are topped with aged Wisconsin cheddar, bacon, onions, tomatoes, chives and sliced jalapenos before going into the oven, which gets the cheese melted and bubbly. Come game time, Cowboys fans have to travel only 10 minutes to the nearby stadium, or they can take one of the shuttle buses the restaurant provides.

At Buckley's in Seattle, you'll find a dish so good you'll be licking your fingers. The Baby Back Riblets keep both Seattle Seahawks fans and their rivals happy. It all starts with St. Louis-style baby back ribs that are carefully trimmed, then packed with spices and brown sugar before being wrapped and stuck into the oven. It's the wrapping that ensures fall-of-the-bone meat. But that's not where it ends. After being cut into individual riblets, the ribs are deep-fried and tossed in a Thai sesame sauce, which has the perfect sweet and savory balance.

In Cleveland, just down the street from the Pro Hall of Fame, you'll find The Greenhouse Tavern, which is serving up a concoction that defines bar food. The Animal Style Frites are so called because they feature pork belly lardons, beef and black pepper gravy, and sunny-side-up fried eggs. The fries are twice-fried to ensure they stay crispy under all those toppings, including melted mozzarella cheese curds.

Browse through the photo gallery to see what Top 5 Restaurants features as the country's best bar foods. Then vote in the poll to tell us which dish is your favorite.

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