Cook Your Way to an Easy Dinner with Just 5 Ingredients

Do up dinner using just a handful of fixings with these easy recipes from The Kitchen.

If it's been a few days since you've had time to hit the grocery store and you're facing a limited refrigerator and pantry, you're in luck, because it's still possible to turn out easy, family-friendly meals — and in a hurry, no less. What you need are these go-to recipes from The Kitchen to save mealtime. On this morning's all-new episode, the cast introduces two simple ways to update recipes you know and love —chicken Parm and quiche — using just a handful of ingredients each. Read on below to see how Jeff Mauro and Sunny Anderson do it.

Five-Ingredient Spinach Dip Quiche: eggs, spinach dip, half-and-half, Gruyère, frozen pie crust

It's all about the store-bought shortcuts when you’re making Jeff's big-batch quiche. By starting with a frozen crust, you save the time — and extra ingredients — it takes to mix and roll out one from scratch. He creates a rich, creamy egg filling made with your favorite spinach dip and plenty of nutty Gruyère for comforting results.

Sunny's Easy Chicken Parmesan: chicken breasts, seasoned Italian breadcrumbs, Parmesan, pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella

To keep things simple, Sunny opts to bake, not fry, her fast-fix chicken, which she coats with Parmesan-laced breadcrumbs for a more savory flavor. Instead of making the usual tomato sauce, which can often call for a total of five ingredients on its own, follow Sunny's lead and opt for prepared pizza sauce; it's packed with the same bold flavors of garlic and herbs, but it's ready to go, saving you time. Once you've baked the chicken, smear it with the sauce and blanket it with gooey mozzarella, then broil it for a few minutes so the cheese turns gooey.

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