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Cutthroat After-Show: Greek 04:50

Judge Jet Tila makes Greek salad while keeping a balloon floating in air.

Though he's always game to try his hand at the sabotages of the day, Cutthroat Kitchen judge Jet Tila managed to dodge a few downright evilicious sabotages during tonight's all-new After-Show — at least in the beginning. Instead of having to cook front-to-back with host Alton Brown or to dig through a vat of grease for cooking tools, he enjoyed a game of Greek-salad pong — aka a healthified version of the beer game you know and love — wherein he and Alton attempted to secure salad ingredients across the table. But once he managed to score the essentials needed for a salad, Alton unveiled something that he deemed "a horribly simple but wonderful sabotage," and it all but prevented Jet from making that very salad.

A red balloon. That was the seemingly innocent item that turned out to cause the judge's distress. It turns out that being tasked to keep it afloat while prepping a dish makes two-handed tasks like chopping nearly impossible. Despite setting out "to do the really high toss" to give himself time to slice and dice while the balloon wafted down, Jet could hardly control the balloon. "Diabolically difficult, isn't it?" Alton said to Jet, and indeed the judge agreed. "This is crazy hard," said Jet, who spent more time manning the balloon than he did prepping salad.

Click the play button on the video above to watch the balloon action up close, and see what happened when Jet and Alton faced off in salad pong.

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