A First-Timer's Introduction to Eviliciousness — Alton's After-Show

Watch Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen: Alton's After-Show hosted by Alton Brown.
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With nearly 12 full seasons under their belts, the Cutthroat Kitchen judges are pros at the ins and out of all things evilicious, from host Alton Brown's surprise antics to the makings of an especially diabolical sabotage. But on tonight's all-new episode, guest judge Monti Carlo experienced sabotages in all their glory during her first-ever visit to the Cutthroat arena. And of course, her initial reaction to the extent of the eviliciousness before her was downright shock when she appeared on the After-Show.

"That's crazy," Monti said simply after learning of the mime debacle with which Chefs Rue and Cris had to contend. Alton was quick to point out that while she believed the sabotage "bananas," it was, in fact, an act of sabotage brilliance. "You say 'bananas' like it's bad," he told her.

Monti took her time warming up to the day's challenges, at one point keeping her distance from the "meat loafers," as Alton deemed them, that the host auctioned off during the meatloaf round. "Don't step away from it," he explained. "You have to embrace the horror here at Cutthroat Kitchen." Though Monti seemed skeptical of the oversized gear before her, she was indeed shocked to learn that Chefs Rue and Cris were forced to work together yet again when they were dealt this sabotage.

Click the play button on the video above to hear more from Alton and Monti, and see Monti take her turn at the "Raspberry Darts" board.

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