Ready, Set, Take Aim — Alton's Camp Cutthroat After-Show

Watch Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen: Alton's After-Show hosted by Alton Brown.
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Host Alton Brown and Judge Jet Tila during the Scramble Challenge, as seen on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen, Camp Cutthroat Special.

Photo by: Eddy Chen ©2016, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Eddy Chen, 2016, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

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Cutthroat After-Show: Potato 04:41

Alton Brown shames judge Jet Tila in the art of shooting a potato gun.

Wild, unpredictable and downright diabolical, the sabotages that host Alton Brown is set to unleash upon the Camp Cutthroat 2 chefs are surely going to be some of his most evilicious ever. In tonight's premiere, we saw just how challenging they would be — for both the competitors and the judge.

Chef Kate, who managed to earn Heat 1 glory and a spot in the finale, was forced to abandon her basket ingredients for meat and potatoes, and instead she had to use what Alton called a "potato gun" to shoot for subpar replacements in Round 2. Come the After-Show, Jet Tila was prepared to take aim with the same rifle, but unfortunately for the judge, he had to wear an unwieldly suit of sticks and moss; Alton said he hoped to "level the playing field a little bit," noting Jet's superior shooting skills. "You're a much better marksman than I am," Alton admitted. However, that's not quite what happened when the guys took aim, Jet clad in his camo getup.

With a single shot, Alton catapulted a potato into the "potato peels" sign, and the host was immediately pleased with his performance. "I just want to stand here and bask in the glory for a moment. Basking. Basking," he joked. For Jet, though, the task proved to be trickier. "Six feet low. Let's go again," Alton said, encouraging Jet after the judge landed a potato in the water instead of through the sign. After a few more shots, Jet still couldn't manage to hit a target, and he admitted defeat: "I give up. I'm shamed."

Click the play button on the video above to watch Alton and Jet fire the potato gun, and catch more antics from Camp Cutthroat 2.

Tune in to Heat 2 of Camp Cutthroat 2: Alton's Revenge on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 10|9c.

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