What to Watch: Sibling Showdown on Smollett Eats, and Big Apple Barbecue on Brunch @ Bobby's

Get all the details on the upcoming premieres this weekend on Food Network.
Smollett Eats

Gear up for a weekend of parties and intense competition on Food Network. It all starts with a joint birthday bash on The Pioneer Woman: Ree Drummond's cooking up festive eats, including Spicy Pulled Pork Sliders and a three-layer confetti cake. Next, Trisha Yearwood is inviting her friends over for a girls-only barbecue. She's whipping up barbecue pork ribs, her creamy Potato Salad and Butterscotch Pie for dessert. After, Valerie Bertinelli's throwing one final summer soiree with an all-grilled menu that includes salmon burgers, sweet potato wedges, and even grilled pound cake with peaches. On Smollett Eats, brothers Jake and Jojo and sisters Jurnee and Jazz are going head-to-head when they take over rival food trucks to see who can draw a bigger crowd.

Then on Sunday, Giada De Laurentiis is taking a boat trip with family, and she's packed a light picnic spread complete with kale salsa verde bruschetta and a white bean and bitter greens salad. Next, Bobby Flay is transforming his barbecue leftovers into brunch with simple takes on pulled pork corn chip pie and smoky home fries with burnt ends. Later, tune in for the second installment of Guy's Superstar Grocery Games, in which the seven remaining chefs will have to make a gourmet dish using ingredients selected from the Food Pyramid. After that, The Great Food Truck Race is taking the contestants to a local strawberry farm, where the families will have to make both sweet and savory dishes incorporating the berries. Finish off the evening with Cooks vs. Cons. Each professional and amateur will have to impress the judges with a dish that incorporates salad dressing.

The Pioneer Woman: Birthday Bash

Ree's family is throwing a joint birthday bash for Todd and his cousin Caleb, so she's cooking up Caleb's barbecue favorite, Spicy Pulled Pork Sliders piled high with fabulous fixins, along with make-ahead Slow-Cooker Baked Beans. Then, per Todd's request, Ree makes a towering Triple-Layered Confetti Cake for the boys to share!

Saturday 10a|9c

Grilling ain't just a guy thing! Trisha invites her girlfriends Jenn and Sara over for a day of barbecue, cocktails and games. She'll whip up Potato Salad, grill up her cousin Fred's barbecue pork ribs, mix together her Cherry Moscow Mule recipe and bake Butterscotch Pie.

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

With summer ending and shorter days ahead, Valerie throws one last backyard soiree with her friends and family: husband Tom, Chef Stuart O'Keeffe, actress Mackenzie Phillips, and Larry and Angela Robinson. She prepares an all-grilled menu of Fresh Salmon Burgers, Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad with Goddess Dressing, Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges, and a Grilled Pound Cake with Grilled Peaches and Cinnamon-Vanilla Syrup.

Saturday 12|11c
Smollett Eats: Truck U

Jake Smollett has always dreamed of testing his skills in the world of street food, and he gets his chance when he takes over a friend's food truck and brags about his killer Steak Banh Mi Tacos on social media. Sisters Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Jazz Smollett see his video and decide to crash the action by showing up in their own truck, with Southern-inspired Oyster Po' Boy Sliders on board, to challenge Jake and brother Jojo Smollett to a truck-versus-truck throwdown. The loser has to post a video of shame online!

Saturday 12:30|11:30c

Giada spends the day taking a boat trip along Florence's Arno River and enjoying a traditional Italian spread with her daughter, sister and nephew. The picnic menu features Burrata and Kale Salsa Verde Bruschetta, Italian Tuna Salad and Torrone "Mess" for a light dessert.

Sunday 12|11c

Bobby's favorite New York City barbecue Joint is Mighty Quinn's; he demonstrates what he likes to do with all the leftovers. He makes BBQ Pulled Pork Frito Pie, a Texas Toast Brisket Cheesy Egg Sandwich, and smoky home fries with burnt ends. And he sweetens things up with a Spiked Banana Cream Pie Milkshake.

Sunday 12:30|11:30c

The biggest tournament in Triple G history continues, and in the first round, the seven remaining celebrity chefs make a fine-dining dinner using ingredients chosen by the dreaded Food Pyramid. Then, the bottom-three superstars must fight for their survival in a diabolical Round 2, with one chef checking out of Flavortown.

Sunday 8|7c

The five remaining food truck teams head up the Pacific Coast Highway to Ventura County, where they're the main attraction at the California Strawberry Festival. The teams take on a challenge where they must create one sweet and one savory dish featuring locally grown strawberries. One team uses its family network to attract customers, tension develops when another team can't get organized, and rivalries form as all the trucks jockey for selling turf.

Sunday 9|8c
Cooks vs. Cons: Chowder Chowdown

A hearty challenge is set for the pros and amateurs, as chowder must be prepared with carnival treats. The aroma of the fairgrounds intoxicates some, but one cook falls into a deep-fried funk! Then, will judges Richard Blais and Monti Carlo reveal the cons in the second round as they try to use the surprise ingredient of salad dressing?

Sunday 10|9c

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