One-on-One with Eddie Jackson, a Judge on Clash of the Grandmas

With decades of experience — both in the kitchen and beyond — behind them, grandmas are the ultimate at-home cooks, eager, passionate and unafraid to show off their chops. On the all-new series Clash of the Grandmas (premiering Sunday, Nov. 13 at 10|9c), each week four grannies with old-school kitchen techniques and a contemporary edge will face off in a series of battles, ultimately hoping to impress a panel of judges. Today we’re catching up with one of those judges, Eddie Jackson, who, while not a grandmother himself, of course, knows what it means to cook with and learn from a grandma. Read on below to get his take on what’s ahead on Clash of the Grandmas.

What can viewers look forward to seeing in the upcoming clashes?

Eddie Jackson: Viewers can expect to see some ladies that remind them of their grandmothers. The ladies are talented and full of energy.

Aside from the age of the competitors, what makes Clash of the Grandmas different than other culinary battles?

EJ: I think that everyone can relate to the show, because most of us learned to cook from our grandmothers! I know I did. So it’s cool to see these grandmothers compete against each other.

Were you surprised to see the gumption in these grannies and notice how fearless they are?

EJ: Not at all!! My grandmothers are the same way. I feel like most grandmothers have an attitude of “I know what I’m doing” — after all, they’ve been cooking for years. Experience equals confidence.

In general, what do you think makes grandmothers’ cooking so darn good?

EJ: 100 percent the experience that these ladies have. Most have been cooking longer than I’ve been alive. If not, then pretty close to it.

There’s no shortage of surprises thrown at the grandmothers this season. Do you think there’s any way for them to prepare for this competition?

EJ: There’s no way these ladies can prepare for what we have in store for them this season. It’s going to be tons of fun.

How does the fact that the competitors are grandmas influence the way you judge them, if at all?

EJ: It’s always tough sending a grandma home! They’re so cute, but in the back of my mind all I can think about is that look my grandmother would give me when I did something wrong. Prayed that I didn’t get that death look from any of the grandmothers … . Flashbacks!!

Do you have any special memory of cooking with your grandma? Please explain.

EJ: I love to tell people that my love for cooking came in the form of a biscuit. My grandmother was the head cook at the local high school, and she would make fresh ones every morning for the kids and I would help her roll them out. She definitely was my first cooking influence.

Was there one dish your grandma was known for? Please explain.

EJ: Hands down, my grandmother makes the best biscuits in the universe!!! I’ve had plenty in my life, but none tops Geraldine’s famous biscuits!!

Tune in to the premiere of Clash of the Grandmas on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 10|9c.

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