Your Whole-Week Shopping List: Here's What You Need to Make Dinner Monday Through Friday

Kids’ sports practices, your pets’ vet appointments, your work demands and all the things that will inevitable arise at the very last minute — there are countless reasons why weeknights are hectic, but that doesn’t mean dinner should get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Instead of resorting to delivery pizza or your usual takeout order when time is tight, opt for these family-friendly meals from The Kitchen.

On the latest episode, the co-hosts devoted the entire hour to showcasing recipes that are both quick to prep and easy enough to make on busy evenings. The secret lies in being prepared — having everything you need to make dinner on hand — and relying on a few no-shame shortcuts from the grocery store.

To help execute such satisfying and comforting meals as cheesy baked pasta, fuss-free stir-fry and reinvented fajitas, you’ll want to check out this Master Shopping List. It contains everything you need for all the recipes featured this morning, including a 10-minute dessert.

Or, if you’d prefer to shop for just a few dishes, check out this Meal-by-Meal Shopping List, which details all the ingredients needed for individual recipes.

Get all the weeknight-friendly recipes from The Kitchen, and tune in to The Kitchen on Saturdays at 11a|10c.

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