Watch Natalie and Dave Sideserf Make an Epic Santa Cake for Christmas

Christmastime is here, and while Santa Claus is making his nice list, Natalie and Dave Sideserf, of Austin’s famed Sideserf Cake Studio, are decking the halls with an epic Santa Claus cake. You’ve seen holiday-themed cakes before, right? Well, this one isn’t like those.

Natalie and Dave’s jolly creation brings Santa to life (in a snowy chimney, of course) with the utmost realism, and it’s all thanks to their unmatched creativity, attention to detail and steady hands. Watch their process unfold in the video below.

On their brand-new series, Texas Cake House, which is slated to premiere in early 2017, this powerhouse couple will give fans an insider’s look at the world of extravagant-cake design. Not only will viewers see the ins and outs of Natalie’s creative process, from the drawing and design stages to the stacking, carving and decorating, but they can also expect all-access accounts of the real-life goings-on of the business, as this husband-wife duo run Sideserf Cakes.

Based in Austin, Natalie and Dave know what it takes to produce cakes that clients will savor, but the creations surely aren’t regular ol’ chocolate-vanilla sheet cakes. A balancing circus elephant, decapitated human heads, a blood-slicked human heart, a seared steak and even Willie Nelson — Natalie has brought to life these next-level masterpieces and others in cake form.

On Texas Cake House, fans will watch as she puts her signature spin on more too-good-to-miss works of edible art. As Natalie and Dave navigate their business relationship and their marriage, you can be sure they’ll wow you with their top-notch skills and down-home charm.

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Stunning Real-Life Santa Cake 02:33

Natalie Sideserf brings Mr. Claus to life in cake with shocking detail.
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