Vote for the Iron Chef America Episode You Want to Watch on TV

Check out clips of the top-eight episodes of Iron Chef America, then vote for which you want to watch in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Chairman Marc Dacascos with Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and Next Iron Chef Winner, Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli during the reveal of the secret ingredient potato chips in kitchen stadium for the Round Robin #2 battle, as seen on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, Season 11. New this season to Iron Chef America are two new elements. First both chefs have to have one dish prepared and presented to the judges by 20 minutes. The dish will be judged and viewers will know which chef has the advantage at this point. This will play into strategy for the rest of the episode. Also new this season is the Culinary Curve Ball when the Chairman will force the chefs to add either a new ingredient, new technique, or implement a new cooking tool or method.

Photo by: Anders Krusberg

Anders Krusberg

Before the action of Iron Chef Gauntlet begins, Food Network is setting up a whole day dedicated to the world of Iron Chef on Sunday, April 16. Ahead the premiere of Iron Chef Gauntlet, which airs at 9|8c, we'll look back on some of the most-iconic moments in Kitchen Stadium on The Legend of Iron Chef, which premieres at 8|7c. And before that, we'll spend the day in an action-packed marathon of back-to-back Iron Chef America episodes — but for that we need your help, superfans.

We want to know which episodes of Iron Chef America you'd like to watch on TV the afternoon of Sunday, April 16, starting at 3|2c. We've picked eight of the most-unforgettable Kitchen Stadium showdowns, and now it's up to you to tell us which five of them you want to binge-watch during the Iron Chef America marathon. Check out clips of the top-eight episodes below, then vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of this post. The five videos that receive the most votes will go on to air during the marathon on Sunday, April 16.

Option 1: Flay vs. Christensen in Battle Chum Salmon

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Battle Chum Salmon 01:50

Things get fishy when Iron Chef Flay takes on Chef Christensen.

Option 2: Symon/Burrell vs. Cora/Irvine in Battle Deep Freeze

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Battle Deep Freeze 01:05

Two teams of chefs are left fighting the cold in this icy showdown.
Option 3: Flay vs. Greenspan in Battle Goose
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Battle Goose 02:11

The competitors feel the pressure when the goose face-off gets underway.

Option 4: Forgione vs. Curtin in Battle Live Tilapia

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Battle Live Tilapia 02:21

One chef will be swimming victoriously after this intense competition.

Option 5: Flay/Valladolid vs. Morimoto/Zimmern in Battle Sea Whistle Salmon

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Battle Sea Whistle Salmon 02:06

Team Flay-Valladolid takes on team Morimoto-Zimmern in a fishy battle.
Option 6: Symon vs. Vetri in Battle Veal
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Battle Veal 02:00

Both chefs must rely on their butcher skills to prepare this ingredient.
Option 7: Morimoto vs. Tila in Battle Seaweed
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Battle Seaweed 01:59

The judges can't hide their mixed feelings about the all-important seaweed.

Option 8: Flay/Anderson vs. Morimoto/Majumdar in Battle Ultimate Bar Food

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Battle Ultimate Bar Food 02:11

Two judges join forces with Iron Chefs in a no-holds-barred battle.

Vote in the poll below to tell us which full episode you'd like to watch in the Iron Chef America marathon.

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