Audrey and Jeff Dunham Reveal Their Best Bites from Incredible Edible America

Audrey and Jeff Dunham chat with FN Dish about their favorite eats from on the road in their new series Incredible Edible America, airing Mondays at 10|9c.
Audrey and Jeff Dunham with The King

On the new series Incredible Edible America, Mondays at 10|9c, comedian Jeff Dunham and his wife Audrey go on a cross-country road trip, on the hunt for the best eats the nation has to offer. The route follows along Jeff's tour schedule — so you may even see some of his nutty and loveable characters make cameos on the show. Even they wanted to get in on the eating action, because these foods are too unique to miss.

FN Dish chatted with the couple to find out their most-memorable eats during the trip, and what impressed them most about the locations. There's one sandwich named after the king of Rock and Roll that stood out.

What are some of the craziest foods viewers will see on the show? Which ones stood out for you?

One of the craziest foods you'll see on the show is an Elvis inspired burger called The King (pictured above) that we experienced at Swift's Attic in Austin. It is a burger stuffed with a Reese's peanut butter cup that was drizzled with a jelly sauce and then sandwiched between two pieces of house-made banana bread. But they didn't stop there: This insane burger creation was topped with bacon and then accompanied with fried macaroni and cheese bites!

What were your top five favorite moments, and top five foods this trip?

The King Kong Sundae at the Sugar Factory was extremely memorable not only because the enormous 24-scoop sundae was loaded with every sweet topping and baked good you can think of, but also because it was brought to our table with real sparklers ablaze! It was a really fun day because there happened to be a group of police officers and firemen dining there at the time that very kindly volunteered to help us eat the sundae.

Also in Vegas, we visited Guy Fieri's place called El Burro Burracho, where we devoured the Trash Can Nachos. They earned their name because they are SO big, they need to be served in a trash can! We also loved this place because they make incredible margaritas that are served in old Patron tequila bottles.

But I have to say — we can't talk about Vegas and not bring up the Burger Brasserie. This is the place where we experienced the $777 burger! It is a burger loaded with some of the finest ingredients they could get their hands on and then served with one of the finest bottles of Champagne in the city. This dish had Vegas written all over it!

We also still talk about the Popcorn Sundae we had at Canoe in Atlanta and also the Kangaroo with Cheesy Grits appetizer they serve there, too!

Just thinking about the Wownut at DK's Donuts in Los Angeles makes our mouths water. It is a deep-fried chocolate waffle made with doughnut batter that they make into a sandwich. The filling of this sandwich? Oh, that was just house-made, bright blue Cookie Monster ice cream that had both sandwich cookie pieces and speculoos cookie butter speckles throughout. YUM.

The fried fish head (complete with eyeballs) at Odd Duck in Austin was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Lastly, we had a blast in Dallas, where some old friends came out to help us enjoy some of the best and most extreme BBQ in town at Cattleack BBQ and Tim Love's place, Woodshed.

Which city most surprised you?

Austin really blew us away. Not only did we have the The King burger at Swift's Attic and a fried fish head at Odd Duck, but we also experienced a Bananas Foster Ice Cream Sundae Stacker made in a doughnut cone at Cow Tipping Creamery! That's right, an ice cream cone made out of a DOUGHNUT. Simply genius.

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