The Best Thing to Happen to Cauliflower Since Pizza Crust

When Meatless Mondays and Taco Tuesdays collide everyone wins.

Katie Lee makes Cauliflower Tacos with Spicy Sriracha Black Beans, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Katie has a knack for turning cauliflower into wonderful new things. Her insanely popular Cauliflower Pizza Crust recipe has millions of views and climbing. She's also made a killer Chicken Caulfilower Fried Rice and Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce. On this weekend’s episode of The Kitchen she shares her newest creation: Cauliflower Tacos.

These meatless wonders were born out of necessity. One evening at Katie’s home she realized she didn’t have anything for dinner except a head of cauliflower, some tortillas and black beans. She turned these into tacos so good you won’t miss the meat.

To make the “beef” for the tacos, Katie gives the cauliflower a rough chop and then cooks it in a pan with oil, just like you would ground beef for tacos. Then, she adds chili powder, cumin, oregano and other taco seasonings -- but we won’t tell if you choose to use one of those store-bought packets! Finally, she adds a little water and allows the cauliflower to soften. When the cauliflower is tender, she spoons it in down the center of a warmed tortilla and then garnishes with cabbage slaw, guacamole and her husband's spicy Sriracha beans. But, feel free to use your favorite taco toppings! “This is awesome!” Jeff said. “I’m totally going to make this.” So are we!


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