Sorry, but Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Puts Yours to Shame

She is cooking everything. And we do mean everything.

Host Martha Stewart during the round two challenge, Create a cake inspired by the Macy's Parade, as seen on Macy's Thanksgiving Cake Spectacular.

Photo by: Anders Krusberg

Anders Krusberg

Martha Stewart, the inimitable domestic goddess, doesn’t do anything on a small scale. And on a day like Thanksgiving when the menu is set to be over the top to begin with, you can be sure her table will be packed. On the set of Macy’s Thanksgiving Cake Spectacular (premiering Sunday, Nov. 18 at 8|7c), we asked Martha about her preferences between brined and not-brined turkeys, roasted turkey and deep-fried turkey, apple pie or pumpkin pie. We quickly learned, though, that Martha’s Thanksgiving spread isn’t an either-or situation. Martha does both (all, really) — for every element of every course of the feast.

When it comes to the turkey, she opts for a buffet of birds. “I do a big Tom turkey, stuffed in the oven. And I do the smaller hen turkey as a deep-fried turkey,” she explains. “Then, I love spatchcocking a turkey. It’s a different appearance on the turkey buffet.” (If you’ve never spatchcocked a turkey, consider this: It’ll likely cook in less time than a traditional bird because it can roast evenly.) And speaking of the turkey, Martha doesn’t even entertain the idea of brining it. “Why kill the taste of that delicious turkey that worked so hard to eat and eat and eat and eat for about five months to get killed for you, and then put it in a brine of salt?” she asked plainly.

The side dish spread is, of course, epic too. Martha’s holiday table wouldn’t be complete without her mom’s mashed potatoes, aka “Big Martha’s Mashed Potatoes,” she says, plus a sweet potato puree. When it comes to stuffing or dressing, she opts for a range of approaches to suit her guests’ tastes, though she admits: “I absolutely prefers stuffing in the bird. I think it tastes way better.” Her daughter and grandchildren, however, are vegetarian, she tells us, so she also makes a turkey-free version that they can enjoy. And as for cranberries, here’s the thing. Martha says, “I actually don’t mind the jellied cranberry sauce from a can.” But she implores you to make your own nevertheless. “It’s Thanksgiving. Go the extra half-mile and make your own cranberry sauce.”

Now here’s where things really get interesting. The dessert table. This is impressive. Yes, the usual standbys like apple, cranberry and pumpkin pies are there. But she also offers “mince pie, lemon meringue pie, sweet potato pie and some sort of chocolate pie,” she told us. That's seven pies! And we didn't even ask about the other dessert options.

Simply put, no one is leaving Martha’s Thanksgiving dinner hungry – that’s for sure. Our only question: Can we get an invite, please?

Don’t miss Martha host Macy’s Thanksgiving Cake Spectacular on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 8|7c. For all our best Thanksgiving recipes, check out our Turkey Day headquarters right here.

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