Martha Stewart's Favorite Burger Is Just as Decadent as You'd Imagine

Here are 10 things you didn't know about the newest Chopped judge and lifestyle expert.

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Her favorite sweet and salty combo:

"My daughter’s giant chocolate chip chewy cookies with maldon sea salt sprinkled on top. So delicious, and really good with homemade vanilla ice cream in between two of those giant cookies."

Her favorite meal to cook:

"Definitely breakfast. I am a creative breakfast cook. I have my own chickens and my own eggs. As a result, I try to use them in different creative ways – mostly on Sunday mornings when I invite my horseback-riding friends over for breakfast."

The first dish she mastered:

"A very difficult dish: sweet cabbage pierogi. It takes a day."

The best cooking advice she ever got:

"Don’t be afraid of ingredients, and try to master difficult tasks. It’ll make the simpler tasks much easier."

Her signature dish:

"Probably my pies. I’m a good pie maker."

Her favorite pie flavor:

"My favorite pie is when my apples are just freshly picked off my apple trees. I have a lot of apple trees, every different kind of apple, and I mix them all up."

Her favorite fried dish:

"Homemade potato gaufrette cooked in olive oil."




Photo by: YelenaYemchuk


Her favorite pizza topping:

"Petits pois. Beautiful, tiny green peas and a good, creamy mozzarella cheese and maybe a little bit of ricotta underneath it all."

Her favorite burger topping:

"My favorite burger toppings would be ... oh, I have a lot of them. I like Swiss cheese; I like American cheese, melted onto the burgers. I like relish, but homemade relish. Mustard, French mustard. Ketchup, lettuce, a slice of really good ripe tomato. I also like foie gras cooked in the burger. You can tell that I only eat one burger a year, but it has to be like that – big, fat, tall humongous."

Her favorite social media platform:

"Instagram. I’m a visual person and I like posting pictures."

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