Briny Beer Is Further Proof That Pickles Are Everywhere

For sure, 2018 is the Summer of the Pickle.

If you needed further proof that we are currently in the middle of the Summer of the Pickle, here it is: Someone is now making a pickle beer.

Yes, pickles are truly everywhere – not only in your fast-food slushies, on your fried chicken and in your ice cream.

Boston-area craft brewery Down the Road Beer Co. has just introduced a spicy dill-pickle sour beer called, in a cute reference “Crossing Delancey” fans won’t miss, Sam-Sam the Pickle Man.

The beer, a highlight of the Boston Pickle Fair last month, was made with real pickle brine in collaboration with Boston pickle-maker Grillo’s Pickles.

“As more people develop a thirst for tart and acidic beverages, sour beer and pickleback shots have spiked in popularity,” the company noted in a press release. “So why not create a deliciously acidic fusion of the two, spiced up with additional pickling spices?”

Why not indeed?

Responses to the sour ale’s introduction on Instagram range from “gross” to “awesome” and “tasty.”

And Boston Globe beer writer Gary Dzen offered the following review: “The beer tastes of lemon and cucumbers and — I’ll be darned — berries, owing to the habaneros. (It doesn’t taste even a little spicy.) It’s fairly sour, so if that isn’t your thing this isn’t your beer. It smells like pickles and cucumbers at the same time, if that makes any sense. It isn’t too salty.”

On the other hand, Dzen wondered, “outside of a pickle festival, I’m just not sure when I would drink this.”

Don’t everyone raise your hands at once. (Mine’s up!)

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