Meet All the Animals on The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch

With a collection of dogs, horses, cows and a cat, Ree’s Oklahoma ranch is full of excitement.

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Host Ree Drummond picks herbs in her garden with the help of Walter the Bassett Hound, as seen on Food Network's Pioneer Woman Season 1.

Photo by: Shane Bevel

Shane Bevel

Ree’s dogs are a rambunctious bunch.

Henry joined the family in late 2017 and has been the perfect fit. Oh, but if looks could kill…

Walter is a sucker for belly rubs and ear scratches. From time to time, folks visiting Ree’s restaurant The Mercantile can meet the gentle pooch and give him a good rub.

Lucy is as sweet as they come. Ree describes her as loyal, devoted and a great listener.

The family cat always turns up in … interesting places.

Ree’s herd of cows spend their days roaming the farm and grazing. Not a bad life!

Ree and her family look after a number of wild horses. They’re the perfect companions for evening rides around the ranch.

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