Here’s How to Get Your Kids to Eat Quinoa

If crunchy is your favorite flavor, you need to try these chicken fingers.

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Co-host Katie Lee and guest Catherine McCord prepare quinoa-crusted chicken tenders, as seen on The Kitchen, Season 18.

Photo by: Scott Gries

Scott Gries

If you can’t believe your kids would ever eat quinoa, you need to try Catherine McCord’s Crunchy Quinoa-Crusted Chicken Tenders. McCord is a trained chef and a mother of three children. On McCord’s site,, she shares her collection of family-friendly recipes and tips for raising healthy children. "Kids can be great eaters if you serve them interesting, fun, dynamic food and really get them involved," says McCord. For instance, she started her youngest on smoothies for breakfast when she was just ten months old to pack in as much nutrition in the beginning of the day as possible. "It’s like dessert for breakfast," she says.

Quinoa-crusted chicken tenders, as seen on The Kitchen, Season 18.

Photo by: Scott Gries

Scott Gries

To make her super-crunchy chicken fingers, she steams quinoa and pats it dry with a paper towel and then add in breadcrumbs and a few spices. She sautés the chicken in a little bit of hot oil in a pan. While they are browning she whips up a simple, lemony Greek yogurt sauce and a side of multi-colored roasted cauliflower. "The other great tip is color. Kids love color," says McCord.

The cast of The Kitchen approves. "It’s so crunchy," says Katie. "This is the perfect chicken finger." We suggest breading a big batch of tenders on the weekend and freezing them to have them on hand during the week.

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