Did You Know That You Can (And Should!) Smoke Hummus?

You’ll wonder why you haven’t been making it on the grill your whole life.

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Katie Lee makes Smoked Hummus, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

A good dip can be the star of any summer soiree or it can quietly slip into the background. Katie’s Thrill of the Grill Smoked Hummus is a dip that will steal center stage. Every component in this creamy concoction is smoked. Don’t worry, you won’t be skewering each individual chickpea onto tiny skewers. Instead, Katie uses a metal colander that holds the chickpeas over the grill. She also nestles a whole head of garlic into foil and places that on the grill too until it’s sweet and caramelized. She then purees everything together in a blender with good olive oil until super smooth. The dip is finished with a kick of sweet, smoked lemon juice and served with spiced-up pita chips.

You don’t have to stop with chickpeas. Take a tip from Sunny and try this with other types of beans. “I love this,” she says. “This opens your brain to smoking your beans.”

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