How to Debone a Chicken

Food Network Magazine shows you how to debone a chicken.

Step 1

Cut off the wing at the first joint using a chef's knife (reserve for stock or another use). Trim the excess fat from the chicken.

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Step 2

Put the chicken skin-side down. Then remove the backbone by cutting through the ribs with kitchen shears.

Step 3

Remove the thighbone: Locate the round end of the bone with your fingers (it's under the rib cage). Using a paring knife, make an incision along the top of the bone to reveal it.

Step 4

Make a slit along the length of the bone, then push away the meat to expose the bone. Pull the bone up and away from the thigh, then use a paring knife to scrape away the meat and connective tissue.

Step 5

Bend the bone back until it pops from the joint. Use your knife to free it, if necessary.

Step 6

Remove the bone and discard. The chicken can now be flattened under a heavy skillet and will cook more evenly.

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