A Taste of Italy

The Kitchen's Katie Lee revisits one of her favorite places — and comes home with some great recipes. 

Photo By: Katie Lee

Photo By: Katie Lee

Photo By: Katie Lee

Photo By: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe

Photo By: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe

Photo By: Katie Lee

Photo By: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe

Photo By: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe

Katie's Italy

Katie Lee is not at all Italian, but you'd never know it looking at the photos from her recent vacation. The Kitchen co-host grew up in a small West Virginia town, and her family didn't travel much. But when she studied abroad in Florence during college, she fell in love with Italy and has since made a half-dozen trips back She now knows how to look like a local: She gets around on a bike, rarely carries a guidebook and only drinks cappuccinos before noon. 

Italian Road Trip

"Espresso and pizza — that's how I deal with jet lag," Katie says. On this trip, she set off for Puglia in the southeast, a less touristy region she had never seen. It's perfect for someone like Katie who wants to eat and live like a native. On a whim, she ended her vacation by road-tripping from Puglia to the Amalfi Coast in the southwest. 

When in Rome

Whenever Katie visits Rome, she gets a pizza at Da Baffetto — and then tries to replicate it when she gets home. 

Pizza Margherita

Katie likes her pizza crust paper-thin. And when it comes to toppings, she keeps things simple — ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, herbs, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper are all you need! 

Get the Recipe: Pizza Margherita

Salami Salad

This bright and peppery arugula salad with salami tastes especially delicious alongside pizza. The thinly sliced fennel adds a crunch and subtle anise flavor that complements the lemon dressing. 

Get the Recipe: Salami Salad

Lo Scoglio in Positano

One of Katie's favorite restaurants, Lo Scoglio, sits on a dock that stretches out into the water. "You feel like you're in some kind of alternate universe," says Katie. 

Spaghetti with Zucchini

Katie came home with the best possible souvenir: a recipe for Lo Scoglio's famous zucchini pasta. "The owner said it wouldn't be the same because we don't have their zucchini in the States," says Katie, "but I think it's about 98 percent there!"

Get the Recipe: Spaghetti with Zucchini

Masseria il Frantoio

Katie says the dinner she had here at Masseria il Frantoio was one of the top five of her life.

Spaghetti-Style Green Beans

This green bean dish is a riff on one of the courses at Masseria il Frantoio. Use Chinese long beans if they're available, but green beans will taste equally delicious. 

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