Healthiest Frozen Treats Your Kids Will Love

Hot days call for cooling treats. And while we're all for the occasional ice cream or, heck, slushie, we also like having some healthier treats stocked in our freezers for summer snack time. These frosty foods are perfect for the sultriest days.

Frozen Blueberries

Especially after they thaw for a minute, frozen blueberries take on the perfect texture — and become a little creamy, tangy and sweet.

Watermelon Wedges

Cold, crisp watermelon gets even more refreshing after a blast in the freezer.

Chocolate-Dipped Bananas

They're a classic for a reason — the flavor combination of chocolate, banana and peanuts is one of our favorites. Freeze banana halves until solid (a couple of hours), dip in melted chocolate chips, then roll in crushed peanuts. Refreeze for up to two weeks.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Banana "Ice Cream"

Keep frozen bananas on hand to bake into banana bread or lend creaminess to a smoothie. But if you haven't tried turning them into "ice cream," you're missing out. Just put them in a blender and they'll miraculously transform into a creamy, indulgent-tasting treat that you can enjoy with zero guilt.

Real Frozen Yogurt

For the easiest frozen yogurt, simply freeze individual flavored yogurt cups. Either eat it by scraping, a la Italian ice, or stick a wooden Popsicle stick through the foil before freezing for an easy pop.

Juice Pops

Freeze your kids' favorite juice for a refreshing, vitamin-loaded pop. Try blending pineapple juice and coconut milk for a creamy pina colada-inspired pop, or stick with something simple, like OJ.

Frozen Fruit Cups

It's not just fresh fruit you can freeze. Canned fruit freezes beautifully too. Try a frozen fruit cup medley of canned and fresh fruit.

Frosty Flavored Milk

By now you're probably seeing a theme: Frozen fruit is indispensable in your kitchen! For further proof, try whipping up a glass or two of flavored milk using berries or peaches.


We bet you knew this one was coming: Freezing grapes turns them into deliciously sweet globes. Red, green or black are all good — just make sure they’re seedless.