Feed Your Watermelon Obsession with These Sweet Goodies

If your love of watermelon ramps up when the temperatures rise, deck out everything from your house to your person with these sweet pink-and-green finds.

July 18, 2018

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From Amazon

It almost looks too good to be true, but this melon slicer says it can create perfect slices in one fell swoop. Be warned that it's 11 inches in diameter, so it will only work with melons smaller than that.

From Macy's

Make your kitchen feel a bit more summery with this set that includes a towel, an oven mit and a pot holder in a kitschy melon motif.

From ban.do

It's your choice whether to use this cooler bag to keep your beverages nice and chilly or just to use it as a super-cute purse. You're good either way.

From Kohl's

Watermelon on the beach can become a sandy mess. Opt for a fruity umbrella and leave the real thing for eating somewhere sandless.

You've seen watermelon kegs, but did you even wonder where you get a tap kit? Wonder no longer! These are made just for your watermelon keg party plans.

Let the world know every time you pull out your phone how much you love watermelon. This little guy is named Wally and we think he's sweet.

Terracotta turns terra-cute-a (don't worry, I'm groaning too) in this cool planter. Grow your green babies in a pot made to look like one of their kind.

From Amazon

Watermelon doesn't need to be much more fun than it already is, but it totally can be. These popsicle-shaped cutters let you turn your slices into cute forms with built-in rind handles.

From Jet.com

Your kids can have a camp-out in the house or out in the backyard with this cute little watermelon tent.

A pajama romper with watermelons will send you off to sleep and guarantee sweet dreams. That's how it works, right? Wear something sweet, dream something sweet.

From Target

It may be pushing it a little, but this kiddie pool is definitely half a watermelon. A rind on bottom and seeds on top prove it.

From Target

Polar nails all their seltzer flavor combos like mixology pros. This one is alcohol-free and has all the melon-y goodness of the real cocktail.

From Asos

Button up in style with watermelons playing all over your shirt. Nothing screams summer flair more than this top.

From Etsy

These little dollops of happiness will no doubt feel great in the tub, but just think about how cute they'll look sitting in your bathroom as a bit of decor.

From PB Teen

Not only is the abstract, ombre watermelon towel covetable, but it's also practical. It is made with SPF 50 fabric and has a built-in pocket for your sunnies.

From Etsy

Believe me when I tell you I've been holding in so many melon puns while I wrote this. Thankfully the good people at Etsy are free to let them loose. One in a melon!

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