All-Star Summer Pies

Turn in-season summer fruit into Food Network chefs' favorite pies from Food Network Magazine.

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Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Open-Faced Plum Tart

"This pie is so easy," Sunny Anderson says, "but it looks so classy. Try it when you're in the mood for a freeform base rather than a pie crust.

Get the Recipe: Open-Faced Plum Tart

Grandma Monette's Cherry Jam Tart

If you're looking to save a little time (and money), Melissa d'Arabian's tart is just for you. She uses cherry jam instead of fresh cherries.

Get the Recipe: Grandma Monette's Cherry Jam Tart

Bobby Flay's Peach-Blackberry Pie

This recipe from Bobby Flay was his winning pie during a cook-off on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. "Peaches and blackberries are my favorite fruits," Bobby says. "Put them together and you have a Throwdown-winning combination."

Get the Recipe: Peach-Blackberry Pie

Alex Guarnaschelli's Blueberry Pie

"To me, pie is the classic American dessert," Alex says. "I love any juicy fruit pie, but blueberry is my favorite."

Get the Recipe: Blueberry Pie